Zombies Run initially started to function as a paid app in the year 2012. It gave the people with smartphone some real taste of artificial intelligence. The developer of the game was Six to Start. Recently, they have re launched Zombies, Run as a free app with thousands of new features. Now players will be able to go through all the missions in sessions 1 to 3. This includes more than 150 free story missions. Some of the popular ones are race missions, interval training, etc. as a new player of Zombies Run, one can access the session 1 for free along with some encouragement to unlock a new mission in every week.

Apart from the free version, there is a paid format of the same, interested players can upgrade to the Pro version of Zombies Run that is amounting to nearly $8 per year. This rate is applicable for any existing player. For any new player, the rate is $20 for one year. Once enrolled, all are eligible for getting access to all the missions. This includes the new season 4 edition also.



Zombies Run has come up with some new features in the android platform and those have made this popular game as an outstanding one. Here are some of those sensational features:

Zombies Run Features

All new interface

This new interface of Zombies Run is probably the best ever in recent times. The surfaces are looking brighter, menus are well designed and every screen is better than before. With the introduction of new banners and artworks, the stories are looking more realistic and awesome.

Quick recap

Were you in a gap for some time till you last played Zombie Run? The option of “previously on Zombies Run” helps to remind where you were last time in case you forgot. Want to find what is waiting in the forthcoming segments? There is another option named “Next on” that will help you to find such.

Run long maps

Zombie Run will help you to understand the entire map in a neat way. It will mark your last escape point or any favorite spot that you encountered while playing.

Base builder improvements

The base builder option has been tweaked to make it more balanced one than before. Also, it has become a lot easier to understand and some more fun items have been incorporated in it. Now one will find more interest in rebuilding the Abel Township.

Mission synopsis

Entire mission synopsis helps to summarize so many things at one go. You can check how many miles you have traversed, how much time you saved in fact and all. It really helps to give a good insight while playing in higher classes and who knows, can be a deciding element in finishing the game in style.

Next mission auto play

No need to have any split while you play the game or listening to anything from other music apps. You can start Pandora or Spotify or even any other music app before you start zombies run and system will automatically lower the music volume once the famous Abel Township hits the deck.

Live mission progress track

It keeps track of each and every distance from your target. You need not wonder how many laps you still have to cover to hit the target as this will tell exactly how far you are from your mission. It will guide you till you accomplish your journey.

Better music integration

It not only lowers the volume of the music played by Pandora or Spotify, but also tries to pause the music when someone reaches Abel Township. Then the story, as well as music, goes together till you achieve success.




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