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This page was carefully created to meet androidscrib’s standard. Failure to read, follow, and comply with this will result in rejection, deletion of published guest posts and account deletion.

First of all, thank you for visiting Androidscrib.com. Androids Crib is a fast growing Android Blog that publishes Android Tips, Tutorials, How to Guide Tutorials, Best of, Reviews and much more.

We are committed to write for our readers with the latest and updated, interesting and helpful content articles. Our goal is to become one of the best and trustworthy  Android Blog.

As you reading this page, we know that you are an Android enthusiast and you are interested to write for us. Some of you are even an Android Expert. We welcome guest blogger to write at androidscrib.com.

We are always open for Guest Post!

We are getting a lot of guest post request asking if we are accepting guest post. For your information, we are always open for guest post.

We will NOT reply to any email asking if we’re still open for guest post whatsoever. You can pass anytime. Just read and follow the guidelines below and you will be accepted.


What kind of articles are we looking for?

Android Tips, Tweaks, How To’s, Tutorials, Root Guides, Best of, Top List, Reviews or any content related to Android. The content must be written in English and make sure to include links to authority sites, bullet points, screenshots, images or graphs in the articles.

In androidscrib tips and how to guide tutorials, we only published “tried and tested” articles and we make sure that the articles are correct, accurate, well written and understandable by non-techie readers.

Make sure the content that you will submit is original and should not duplicate any content on the site.


What should be included in the article?


Minimum of 3 images. The more the better.

For your reference, below are the sites where we get images for our content aside from screenshots. These sites do not need attribution or credits.

Images should NOT be any greater than 800px in width and 100KB in size. You need to edit your images with your favorite image editor such as Photoshop to meet these criteria.

For your reference, the featured image should ONLY be 750px x 420px.

If you are using images other than the sites mentioned above, make sure you put the source at the end of the article for proper attribution(Always give credit when credit is needed).

Links inside the content

The links are an essential part of an article when creating a blog post. When you include a link inside the content, the links should be Android related and should only point to reputable and authority sites. In a nutshell,

  • Links related to Android will be dofollow but should be pointing to reputable and authority sites only.
  • Links to other sites will be nofollow.
  • You can only place 1 dofollow link of your site(index) or 1 dofollow link on one of your site pages/posts and it should not be a Gamble site, Casino related, sites that you do not own and the likes.
  • Highly recommended: You can include links that point to androidscrib.com articles for internal linking.

Bullet Points and list

We care about our readers so you should too. We only care about the quality of the post and we only approved high-quality articles. For this, include bullet points as necessary.

Word Count and style

The minimum word count should be 1000+ words. Any articles below this will NOT be published. The paragraphs should contain not more than 5 sentences. Break your sentences and paragraphs!


Author Bio

The author bio must NOT be greater than 5 sentences and may contain 1 dofollow link to your site(index only), not to other sites. This will be verified.


How do I submit one?

  1.  First of all, before continuing, you need to make sure that your Post Title Idea(s) are approved. (See form below)
  2. Read at least 5 articles posted on the site. With this, you can have the sense of the type of articles that I like the most to write, the style the way I format the sentences and paragraphs, and the technique when using images and screenshots.
  3. Use the form below to submit your guest blog topics.
  4. Once approved, we will get back to you within 24-48 hours.
  5. If after 72 hours and no reply from our side, it means the Post Titles are not approved. You Can submit again after 72 hours.

Use the form below to submit Post Titles for your guest post. Once approved, we will contact you with your contribute author profile.

Submit Titles for Guest Post.

* indicates required field

How do I get approved?

  • Titles should not reflect any duplicate articles on the site.
  • It should be unique and catchy
  • It should be latest or trending if possible.
  • Write only articles based on the categories provided on the site.
  • It should be relevant.
  • The article is not a promotional article like Amazon Sites, etc.
  • Your website should be Android related.


Common causes of Rejection/Un-publishing/Banned

  • The article is copy paste and or spinned by an automated software. (We accept the ideas from the other sites but write it on your own words manually)
  • The article is a promotional article.(e.g. promotes products, his site, his/her self and other sites)
  • The article is not related to Android.
  • The article is too short(e.g. less than 1000 words).
  • The article doesn’t have images and or screenshots. (see image requirement above)
  • The article is not well formatted.(paragraphs should contain not more than 5 sentences)
  • The article is not in English.
  • The article contains affiliate links and contains more than 2 dofollow links to your site.
  • The article will be deleted if someone complains about copyright infringement.


Important Reminders:

  • All submitted contents and articles are subject for review. If it needs modifications by any reason, the guest blogger will be contacted and needs to comply with this. The final decision depends upon the discretion of the Administrator.
  • We will not reply to any email, such as the time or date when your article will be posted and why your article is rejected and or deleted, etc. unless there is a need for modifications on the article.
  • We will ONLY accept Android related articles.
  • No affiliate links in the content or in Author Box.
  • The content must be well formatted.
  • Once published, you cannot republish the article anywhere.
  • The guest blogger should be liable for any copyright infringement complaints.
  • All guest posts before June 6, 2017 will not be affected with this new terms and conditions stated above.
  • If you want to publish an article to my site, then you agree to the terms and conditions stated in this article.
  • For any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.


We hope we build a good relationship and we’re looking forward to your first Guest Blog Article.


This post was last updated on to meet androidscrib’s standard.

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