How to transfer files from PC to Android? What are the best and fastest app to transfer large files from Android to PC and vice versa? How about from Android to Android? These are the most common questions when you need to transfer large file between devices.

There are many ways and app out there to transfer large files between devices but in this tutorial, we will tackle about shareit which is the best app to transfer large or big files from PC to Android Mobile or vice versa.

Shareit: How it works?

Shareit is one of the best and fastest app to transfer big files between network devices. It sends files through WiFi without any network connection or mobile data. You also don’t need USB cable or Bluetooth function to make this work. Shareit uses WiFi hotspot to transfer big files so it’s better and faster than Bluetooth. Though you need to install shareit on both devices to make this work. Just keep reading below the step by step guide on how to transfer large files between PC and Android and vice versa using Shareit this 2016.

How to use shareit on PC to Android and vice versa

  1. Download and install Shareit to your PC from or you can download it here directly.
  2. Install Share it app to your Android mobile device from PlayStore.
  3. Launch Shareit from your PC.Shareit for PC
  4. Open Shareit App from Android Phone, then Click Settings on the upper left corner then click “Connect to PC”.  A radar like will appear searching for neighbors but you don’t need to wait, click “PC Search Mobile”.Shareit Connecting your PC to Mobile
  5. On your PC, click “Search Hotspot of Mobile” then clicked the searched avatar to connect. A successful message will appear saying your PC and Mobile are already connected and are ready to send files.Shareit PC Mobile Search
  6. Now just drag and drop the files on your PC to send it to your mobile phone. Then wait for it to complete. This is the step by step instruction on how to use shareit on PC to to use shareit on PC to Android
  7. How about using shareit from Android to PC? Follow the steps in 4 and 5 to connect the two devices. Then on your Android, select Photos if you want to send photos or Files if you want to send random files, to use shareit on android to pc
  8. Select the file you want to send, then press “Next”.Select file you want to send
  9. Then on your PC, it will show a notification that you are receiving a file.Receving File from Android to PC


That’s it. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please feel free to comment. Have a good day!