In this article, we will discuss what is USB OTG, where can you use it and whether an Android Device supports USB OTG or not.

What is USB OTG

The full form of OTG is On the Go. Hence, USB OTG is nothing but a standard that helps mobile devices to be connected with another.

Normally, mobiles can only connect to a desktop or laptop by using the USB port, but with the help of USB OTG, a mobile can directly connect to another mobile device.

Apart from this function, a USB OTG enables a device to act as a host. Other devices like keyboard or external storage device can be connected very easily.

How to verify whether an Android Device supports USB OTG or not

Before unboxing any device, the box pack should provide you necessary information whether your Android Smartphone supports USB OTG feature or not.

Almost all smartphones released within the last 2 years are preloaded with USB OTG feature. Also, one can easily check the same by connecting physically with another device.

What can you do with USB OTG?

You can do a lot of things using UBS OTB feature. Here are a few of those:

Connect an External Storage DeviceConnect an External Storage Device

You can connect external hard disk or USB device with USB OTG very easily. Using File Manager, one can directly access the data present in that USB Drive or external Hard Disk.

This is very common for watching a movie or playing music without storing it on your phone. It saves a huge space in your both internal as well as external memory.

Just back up all your important pictures, music, movies and other files on a USB drive and attach it whenever required. You will get access to each and every file without any delay.

Connect a Musical MIDI Keyboard

If you are a music freak and always need some sorts of music to stay alive, then you can easily connect a MIDI keyboard to your smartphone using the USB OTG.

In Android, USB OTG helps you to play any of the music you want via MIDI keyboard. Even another form of audio input like vocal or instrument is also possible using USB OTG feature.

Your Android smartphone can be a jukebox if you know the tricks.

Connect a Mobile Game Controller

Connect a Mobile Game Controller

Mobile gaming enthusiast always tries to explore new things so that they can play with the precision. Want to have a better control of your favorite game? Need to connect a gamepad to your smartphone?

Just use USB OTG to stay connected with your phone. The result is excellent.

Control Android using Keyboard & Mouse

If you plan to use your big screen Android Mobile or Tab as a laptop, best is to use the USB OTG feature by which you can connect Keyboard or Mouse to turn it into a mini laptop.

There are no such compatibility issues and Android generally works fine with any wired or wireless keyboard and mouse.

Nowadays a unified receiver is available which you can connect to the USB OTG. Using the same receiver, you can use both external Keyboard and Mouse without any hassle.


Last Words

So, USB OTG is the most common device that is attached to most of the new Android Smartphones and due to its functionality, it will rule the market in future too.

As a smartphone user, everyone will try to maximize the things and that is only possible if you use USB On-The-Go to connect your phone with the outside world.

Then everything will be within the reach and one can explore virtually everything. Almost all new smartphones are featured with USB OTG feature and it is a must for the upcoming models.

Accessing external hard drives or USB devices were never so easy before USB OTG feature came into existence. Now just connect your hard disk and start playing your favorite movie. You can watch uninterruptedly and also without wasting any space in your mobile.