USB Debugging Mode is the word that you cannot miss if your a techie Android user. You may heard this word in some forums if you’re having some problems with your phone and are looking for answers or you may have seen this while you explore your phone settings. It’s like a “high tech” settings but it isn’t. USB Debugging Mode is simple and very useful.

The main function of this mode is to make a connection between your Android phone and your computer to transfer some documents, data, files and information. In some versions, this mode is also known as Developer Mode and you need Android SDK(Software Development Kit) installed in your PC if you want to communicate your Android phone in advance level.

What is USB Debugging Mode and what it is for?

From the name itself, USB Debugging correlates to the function of tracking bugs via USB. Generally, Android App Developers would normally use this mode to allow them to test newly programmed apps to the device. During this process, the mode must be turn on to allow the app developer to read internal logs.

USB Debugging Mode also known as Developer Mode

As you can see this mode is very important not only to the app developers but also to the normal android user. Regular Android User use this mode to help them do complicated task such as rooting phone, flashing the device, installing custom ROM and many more.

There are also some non-development functions that you can perform with this new level of access that gives you more control to your device. For example, using Android SDK, you gain direct access to your Android device thru your PC which allows you to run several commands via terminal. These terminal commands can, sometimes, helps you restore a bricked(dead) phone.

How do I enable it?

To use USB Debugging Mode, you must turn on “Developer Options” menu in Android settings.

  1. Go to your Android Settings
  2. Look for Developer Options and Turn it On(if it’s not turned on)
  3. Optional: If you have no Developer Option, go to About phone > Then click Build Number about 7 times and it will show the Developer Options.
  4. A pop-up will appear, just click OK.
  5. Click USB Debugging to enable it then a pop-up will appear again, just click OK.How to Enable USB Debugging Mode


Should I leave this enable or turned off?

Unless you’re an app developer, you’re likely don’t need to enable USB Debugging Mode all the time. Enable it when you really need to use it then you can disable it afterwards. That’s the safest way to deal with it. Sure thing, it’s annoying but it’s worth the trade off.