In telecommunication, there are two types of cell phones – one is locked phones and the other is unlocked cell phones. Locked phones comes with a specific carrier and you can’t change the operator at your will. There is no liberty of using your own Sim card of choice. On the other hand, unlocked cell phone means you can insert Sim card of your choice and you can choose your network operator and start calling or browsing the internet.

What are the benefits of unlocked cell phones?

The benefits of using unlocked cell phones lies in the freedom to choose its network carrier. This remains the prime advantage although there are manifold benefits can be reaped from an unlocked phone. Here are those:

1. Flexibility in choosing the preferred Carrier

Locked phones come with fixed carriers so that they can remain in that network only. In the case of unlocked phones, it is completely reverse. One can choose from a wide range of network operators based on many parameters and then only he can fix one operator. If the service of that network provider is not up to the mark, the user has full rights to change the carrier without changing his mobile number.

2. Ideal for Travel

Locked phones might not work if you change your city where it does not provide any service or it might attract high call rate. In the case of unlocked phones, if you go out of your country, you can buy a local sim card there and start calling. No hassles.

3. Cost Effective

Offers from network carriers in case of unlocked phones are mostly cheaper than the locked ones. You can get a high discount in call rates or can get some promotional offer on your new handset if you choose a specific service provider.

4. More Options to choose

When you buy a locked phone, you have to be with the defined operator. But in the case of unlocked phones, one can have his freedom of doing anything. He can get wide coverage, the phone works faster and an unlocked phone is less expensive if the phone is lost. You will also get a higher resale value in case of unlocked cell phones.


How do you know if a phone is unlocked?

There are several ways to find if your phone is locked or unlocked. Here are few you can try:

  1. You need to type your phone name along with model number followed by the word “unlock” in any popular search engine like Google and you will find the result. Incidentally, most Android phones are unlocked by default.
  2. You can enter your phone’s IMEI number to check if the phone is locked or unlocked.
  3. You can go into settings of your phone and from the cellular/mobile data option, check if the carrier option is present or not. In most of the cases, the presence of carrier option signifies that it is an unlocked phone.
  4. You can directly call your carrier and ask about your phone. They will inform you if it is a locked one or unlocked.

Should I buy unlocked cell phones?

Most of the Android mobile phone comes in an unlocked version. In fact, Android has become popular due to its unlocked feature apart from other ones. You can have flexibility in using your phone starting from choosing your preferred network operator to call uninterruptedly in your country or out of the country.

Unlocked cell phones are always a better choice and you can simply change your Sim card if you are not satisfied with your operator. Locked phones can’t give you such benefits as they are carrier specific.


Do you own an Unlocked Phone?

Let me know in the comment section below. Put the brand and why you buy that phone.