Learn how to Stop or Turn Off Twitter Autoplay Videos on Android Smartphone and on Desktop PC.

Nowadays , social media is our main stream of communications whether it’s entertainment, news and updates from our friends and families. It changed us lot of things since the beginning of it.

Just like one of the giant social media today, Twitter has also change a lot of things to make our experience, ‘the best’. They add more and more features to satisfy our needs and to make it more “competitor” than the other.

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However, what’s best for Twitter may not be the best for you or how you use it. Just like the “autoplay videos” of this giant social media.

If you ask me, I don’t like this feature because it autoplay all the videos that I don’t want to. It’s really annoying for me and I really want this to stop because it eats my mobile data when I’m not connected to Wi-Fi.

Luckily, they put an option to disable or turn off autoplay videos on Twitter. However, you cannot easily find this settings especially when you’re using your mobile smartphone.

In this article, I will teach you on how to stop video autoplay on Twitter app on Android smartphone and desktop PC.

Turn Off Twitter Autoplay Videos

On Mobile

  1. Open Twitter and tap your profile picture beside ‘Home’
  2. Click Settings then choose DataTurn Off Twitter Autoplay Videos
  3. Tap “Video autoplay” then choose over the 3 options:
    • Use mobile data and Wi-Fi
    • Use Wi-Fi only
    • Do not automatically play video in timelines
  4. If you’re like me choose “Do not automatically play video in timelines”Stop Autoplay Videos in Twitter App
  5. Now you’re done. Go back to your twitter timeline and check the some videos.

On Desktop/PC

  1. At the top right corner beside the search bar, click your profile picture then choose “Settings”Twitter Settings
  2. In Twitter, it’s so easy to see this settings unlike Facebook.
  3. Under Account, uncheck “Video autoplay” in Video Tweets.Turn Off Twitter Autoplay Videos in Desktop PC
  4. After that, just click “Save Changes”. You need to re-enter your password though.
  5. Then go back to your twitter timeline and check the videos.


Congratulations, you have successfully turn off Twitter Autoplay Videos on Android smartphone and on Desktop PC. I hope this tutorial help you. Please rate and leave a comment below.