Here’s how to disable or switch off or turn off Facebook Messenger Notifications on Android phone step by step tutorial for frustrated users

Do you remember the time when we need to forcefully install Facebook Messenger? That’s the time when we are really frustrated with Facebook because they leave us no choice.

One of the biggest complains today on Facebook is how to turn off Facebook Messenger instant game notification on Android.

If you’ve ask me, I really don’t care if they play the “Everwing” game or if they score the highest in such games.

I don’t play games like that.

Clearly, this is Facebook way of marketing. They forcefully notify you about your friends playing the games.

Really frustrated.

Well, we have no choice but we need to adjust it for ourselves. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t care whether you annoyed with the notifications or not.


Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications on Android

1. Turn off notifications in Single or Group Chat

Ever experience on a public transport and your Facebook Messenger are flooded with notifications on a group chat?

Well, I experience that also. And luckily Facebook gives us the option to switch off notification for single or group chat.

  • Open Messenger
  • Choose(open the conversation thread) a friend or a group you want to turn off notifications
  • Tap the “i” icon on the upper right corner of the thread beside the video call icon.
  • You will see the Settings of that specific thread. Click “Notifications”Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications on Android
  • In single chat settings, there are two options: Message Notifications and Message Reactions while on Group Chat settings, there are Message Notifications, Message Reactions and Mentions.
  • You can turn off both notifications on single and group chat but usually I only turn off message notification and leave Mentions turned ON.
  • When you turn off Facebook Messenger notifications, you’ll have the option to switch it off for a given period of time or until you turn it back on. I usually choose the latter.Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications on Android for a certain amount of time

2. Turn off My day notifications

  • Open Messenger
  • Tap your profile picture in the upper right corner.Tap your profile picture
  • Click “Notifications & Sounds
  • Switch off My day notifications by click the sliding switch.Turn off My day notifications

3. Turn off Instant Game Notifications

You can ignore this if you have Android version 4..4.2 and below since Facebook Messenger Instant Games are only available to Android v5 and up.

Like I said earlier, Facebook doesn’t give you the option to switch off instant game notifications such as Everwing or if your friend got the highest score of it.

We can try to shut it off by downgrading Facebook Messenger to an earlier version of it. We need to uninstall the current one and manually download and install an app outside of Google Play Store.

If you want to continue, please follow the steps below:

NOTE: You need to turn off or disable Automatic Updates on Google Play Store settings and allow installation of unknown sources(non-official apps) in your device phone settings.


I have done trial and error testing to turn off instant game notifications and here are the results:

  1. If you have Android v4.4.2 and lower with latest version of Facebook Messenger, you cannot play instant games. You need at least Android version 5.Instant Game Everwing on Android 4.4.2
  2. If you have Android v5 and above with lower version of Facebook Messenger(version, you can play instant games but can’t tell if it stops the notification since I didn’t receive any notification from instant games.Instant Games on Android 7 Nougat


Into You!

We have tried to find a solution to instant game notifications but we don’t know if it’s working since I didn’t get instant game notification.

Do you believe that this is working or not? Let me know in the comments below.