Traveling is fun especially when you are accompanied by your partner. But when going abroad, you need this travel apps listed here to make your travelling fun and easy.

Planning a trip and traveling abroad is always a special thing in everyone’s life. It can be a business tour or to spend some leisure time in a serene place.

Whatever it is, foreign countries do attract us with its unlimited options. Nowadays, people can rely heavily on several apps that can guide a person even in outside of the country.

Hence the travel apps come into action and they are really helpful to give accurate information on various segments. Using a travel app, you can book a hotel as per your budget, location, and preference. You can find the best options in package tours using those travel apps.

Those apps should be at your fingertips whenever you plan to visit a foreign country. Here are those must have travel apps for Android users when going abroad.

Must Have Travel Apps for Android users when going Abroad

1 Hotels & Vacation Rentals is one of the best travel apps for Android platform. One can search for quality hotels using this app. You can put your preference in terms of location of the hotel, room rent, type of the hotel and as per amenities provided.

Booking App is one of the Must Have Travel Apps for Android users when going Abroad

You can find a great travel deal from their vacation rental travel deals. The packages are simply helpful to roam around the new places within a limited budget.

You can book anytime as our 24×7 customer service is ready to provide assistance to you. You will get instant confirmation and be rest assured of world class facilities.

2 XE Currency

Currency conversion is a big factor when you are going abroad. XE Currency is such an Android travel app that gives you multiple options regarding the currency you are using at present and the currency you are going to use in a foreign country.

XE Currency Converter app provides live exchange rates and charts for your benefit. You can then have a clear picture of the entire scenario. Apart from that, it gives you an alert to monitor mentioned currencies.

XE Currency - Must have apps for traveling abroad

It is a reliable app and stores latest exchange rates so that you can avail the same without internet even. XE Currency app supports a maximum of 10 currencies and lives rates are refreshed in every minute for your benefit.

XE Currency should be on the list of must have travel apps in case you want to plan a foreign tour.


3 Google Translate

If you need to translate any foreign language into your mother tongue or vice versa, then you should keep Google Translate app. This is a must among all tour guide apps and one can extract huge benefit out of this unique application.

Google Translate

This app can translate between 103 languages in both online and offline mode. Google Translate can even support speech to translate any word or phrase. Hundreds of languages are supported in this utility app.

Google Translate
Google Translate
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


4 Offline Maps

Offline maps are particularly important when you are traveling into any foreign country. It can show you all the important landmarks even if you are not connected to the Internet.

Offline maps are especially useful as vacation apps due to its unique features.  You can find Top 5 Best Offline GPS Map Apps for Android Phone for your benefit.

Top 5 Best Offline GPS Map Apps for Android Phone

Those apps will greatly help you to locate any place on the map. Offline Maps are the must have travel apps wherever you go in the world.


5 TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants

If you are planning to spend a vacation time or need to go anywhere due to business, then you can rely on TripAdvisor. It can guide you perfectly and TripAdvisor has gained enough reputation to be so.

It can compare among 200 hotels to find the lowest one and it gives a rate so that visitors can have an idea about that hotel.

TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants

So many reviews are there already from the people who visited and TripAdvisor allows all sorts of negative feedbacks if the reason is genuine.


What apps do you install when you’re traveling?

There are so many other apps available for travel related queries, but you must have travel apps for Android while going abroad.

Let me know what travel apps do you install when traveling abroad.