There are lots of best android games to choose from. Games in android platform have become a “must play” for all ages, especially for young generation. They are hooked up with so many games of various types. It can be adventure type or racing ones. Games in android smartphones have taken a special place in the hearts of millions of people.

Boys and girls of different ages used to play action related games or simulation type games. There are a set of people who used to play causal, arcade & puzzle games whereas some are ready to play sports or strategy games. Overall, it is hard to find a smartphone without such games and this has become a regular practice in everyday life. Here are the top 5 Best android games for July 2016 which are best to play under any conditions.

Best Android Games for July 2016

1. Cube Escape: Theatre

This is a point and click adventure game which is available not only in android platform, but also in iOS as well as in Desktop / Laptop. This game is very clever in nature and interesting also to all types of users. This Cube Escape: Theatre game is slightly different from others as the player has to work hard to learn the bits and pieces of this game. Further, newer scopes can be discovered only when one can explore the game at the maximum level.

Cube Escape Theatre in-game preview 1

This game is meant to solve a set of puzzles in a smart way and this is the test of the player. As a player, one has to toil hard to come across different hurdles and the winner must have certain traits in order to be successful in this game. As mentioned before, Cube Escape: Theatre is not like other games and that is why it is among top 5 best android games of July 2016 list.

It forces the player to find new ways to proceed, else he or she can’t advance. One has to try every possible options to complete the game and it might become a frustrating affair for some people. Still this wonderful game attracts several players as it has been devised very neatly and players get enough interest to complete the same.


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2. Star Knight

Star Knight is one of the most interesting and eventful games in the android arena. There are four on screen controls that helps a player to run in left and right direction apart from jumping and attacking. Thus one after another tough hurdles are to be overcome and this makes the game an interesting one.

Star Knight in-game Preview 1

This game runs in 2D platform with great graphics and nice ambiance. Due to great mixture of light and color, the atmosphere is not only wonderful but equally matching. Although Star Knight is not only the first and only games that uses such vibrant platform, but it has kept aside other long way back only due to soothing background.

Some people call this game as one of the toughest one, but honestly, it is a bit difficult to navigate; although not impossible to break the shackles.There are some options of instant kills but smaller enemies used to make some damages. Despite all, health checkup points are there throughout the game and these all features have made this as one of the best in the lot.

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3. Pathfinder Adventures

Among various role play games, Pathfinder Adventures is probably the best of all. This fantasy game is based on the traditional and physical card game named Pathfinder Adventure. This is relatively a new game that has shown enough promise to be selected among the top 5 best android games of July 2016.

Pathfinder Adventures in-game preview 1

Although experts have found a few bugs and issues to address, but this incredible android games app has a huge potential to be successful. Pathfinder Adventures is a heavy game that needs attention and time. It is especially helpful in developing cards, character building and other things and this is ideal for such people who love CCG or RPG.

This Pathfinder Adventures is more sophisticated than those and one has to give some time to understand all the features of it. Last but not the least, a player need to have good patience while playing as some initial performance related issues may arise, but those are manageable in due course.

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4. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

This is a fantasy story involving family members is a rare one among all sorts of android games. Due to its uniqueness in subject matter as well as in concept, it is one of the best android games in July 2016. This game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons were originally developed for Xbox 360; subsequently it has come up in android platform considering its huge reputation & response.

This game is all about taking control of two young brothers within a family and the aim is to cure their father who is not only well but also in his last stage. This game provides wonderful story line in a great visual display and is well equipped with stupendous 3D environment that adds an extra momentum in this game.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons in-game preview 1

Two brothers are being controlled in two sides of the display using respective thumb and both are independent in terms of control and movement. The game checks the individual strength of both the brothers in solving the puzzles and accordingly they can proceed gradually. In this Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons game, characters used to speak in an unknown language which can’t be understand by hearing only. One needs to learn from their way of interacting, how they are communicating with others, etc.

Faster learning on this will lead to good result. As the game goes up, one can notice that the older brother is very much determined & focused to complete the tasks those are in hand while the younger son prefers to see the world in a more casual way. In this way, the game goes on to a new height and due to all such unique features, this is one of the best android games ever in the history of android games.

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5. Miitomo

If the innovation is being considered as a benchmark in android games, then Miitomo can be listed in top 5 best android games of July 2016. One can create an avatar as per his or her choice and can help to interact with others using social media platform.

Miitomo Game Nintendo

And the most interesting part is, one can play with other person using these avatars and this is a quite interesting stuff. This is completely a new entry in the android games market but, it has created ripples among users. There is only one game available in Miitomo, but soon the list will be a long one that can quench the thrust of millions of android games users.

The game is a neat and clean one with lesser disturbances in terms of notifications and all. This game from Nintendo finds an unknown side of your friend that went unnoticed. In this Miitomo game, one can make a Mii to look exactly like you and you can put on any dress you want. Also, one can easily make Mii a star using Miifotos option and overall this interesting game has full potential to be popular among players.
These are the top 5 best android games of July 2016 and more new games are coming up every day. Hope users will enjoy playing these to have a fresh and rejuvenated mind.

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