In the digital age that we are in, there is no peace with or without tablets, smartphones, etc. There are threats lurking online for everyone. Are you a concerned parent losing sleep over disturbing changes you’re noticing in your kid’s behavior?

Are you a business owner who wants to keep track of every worker’s schedules to make sure they don’t waste time? Are you worried about your spouse’s distant behavior and wondering if all the loyalty is lost? In this article, you will find five android monitoring app recommendations that can help you in different circumstances. After all, spy apps are the next big thing in this digital monitoring age.


With new technology applications, you can get a clear idea of what goes on in the lives of people. You can watch the mobile activities of people you, without their having a hint about you watching. The irony is that sometimes, people do not want to talk. You have to take serious measures to find the underlying cause of the problem.

Top 5 Spy Apps for Android

1. XNSPY– The #1 Reliable and Consistent Android Monitoring App

If you need a user-friendly android monitoring app and at the same time something affordable, then this is where to begin. Xnspy works on iOS devices too, so it is not strictly for Android users.

Besides, living up to its reputation of being user-friendly, it has two versions for iOS users, one that works on jailbroken devices, and one that works on non-jailbroken devices.

This makes the users’ experience hassle-free and convenient. Moreover, once installed on the device you want to monitor, Xnspy becomes undetectable while it gathers data and uploads it to the control panel. This makes it even easier to spy and avoid uncomfortable or awkward situations that can ruin your relations with people.

It uploads data that includes all incoming and outgoing text messages, emails (Gmail app), and multimedia files via IM chats. Nowadays, everyone is on WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, LINE, KIK, or Facebook messenger. If you don’t want the person to use any apps, you can remotely block them too.

You can observe the conversations of people you want to monitor to see what information they share and with whom. You can access the person’s email and phonebook contacts, and even block unwanted ones from future correspondences.

You can watchlist people to get alerts whenever there is an unwanted conversation and calls too. You can listen to recorded calls, record ambient discussions, and track the GPS location of the device. It has the inbuilt Geofencing feature that allows you to receive alerts if the device and person bearing it enters or leaves specific areas or venues.

xnspy gps tracking

Moreover, you can remotely access the target person’s calendar entries, and take screen shots of activities, and access browser history. Access to all this information allows you to get a clear idea about what is going on in their lives. It is an app for employers and for parents who want accountability and who want to protect sensitive information.

You can lock the device or wipe off data, remotely. It works on all versions of Android devices and iOS devices and gets regular updates to ensure compatibility. It costs as low as $8.33 (basic) and $12.49 (premium) version.

2. PhoneSheriff – Family Monitoring Android App


This app is strictly for parental control, which is also useful for employee monitoring. It aims at empowering parents to regulate the lives of their children. Parents can use it to block apps and enable usage when it is appropriate.

Kids tend to lose track of priorities when they use smart devices, and in order to teach them, parents have to set curfews. In fact, when kids grow into teenagers, parents have to make sure they educate them about using mobile devices responsibly.

You can send specific call logs to your own email and phone to keep track of your kid’s activities. It allows you to access all text messages, WhatsApp and Snapchat, and emails. You can lock the device, block specific websites, apps, and track GPS location with geofencing. It costs $49.00 per month.

3. mSpy – Android App with Keylogger In-built


MSpy offers almost everything as the #1 app on this list does, but at a higher price. Be ready to spend $19.17/month for Bundle Kit, $16.67/month, and $29.99/month for Basic. It is a reliable app with consistent services and has a friendly interface. You can track call, messages, location, and record calls too.

It has an inbuilt keylogger. This allows you to know what users type, and is helpful if you need passwords to access the target’s data. You can also access text message conversations and those on various IM chats. It offers users the advantage of not requiring rooting, before they can use this app on any android device.

It is also compatible with various iOS and Android devices.

4. TheTruthSpy – Discover the Truth

The Truth Spy

Sometimes, it’s not just about parents or employers, even individuals need to know the truth. You may be a lover, a concerned sibling, or a friend who wants to know the truth. That’s when this app comes handy.

The price is reasonable with the least package available for $17.99, premium $19.99, and Gold at $22.99 per month. It offers almost all the basic features the #1 app on this list does offers. It has an inbuilt keylogger like mSpy too.

You can view notes, use the auto-answer feature to spy on calls, and access the target person’s WhatsApp conversations. You can record calls, track GPS locations, and use it to monitor employees too. It is also compatible with iOS and Android devices.

5. MaxxSpy – Effective Tracking App with Cost Implication


This is also an app very similar to our #1 app on this list does but does have some differences. It allows monitoring Yahoo but does not access apps like Kik, Line, and Skype. Another limitation is that it costs $29.99 per month.

It has different packages too, but none is like those of the apps discussed earlier in this article. You can use it to track calls, GPS, text messages, and photos on the target device. Access the person’s emails and record ambient surroundings too.


Before you move on from here, there’s something important you need to know. While there are ample similar apps available online, it is important to use an android monitoring app responsibly, and use it only when it is necessary. In fact, it is always advisable to inform the target person first about your concerns and intent to monitor them.


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