Games in any form are irresistible to the younger generation; be it in laptop or in games station. With the introduction of Android operating system in mobile, the easiness of playing games reached in a new height and people of all generation started to play those games. This is a mandatory aspect in any mobile phone and game enthusiasts used to choose mobile phones based on the specifications that can play games smoothly.

People engage themselves with various types of games of different genre; racing games or adventure ones or even strategy games. Some are there to play arcade and puzzle related games while there is a specific set of people who play sports only in their cell phone.
Out of all these phones, some are free and some are of paid variety. It depends on the mindset of the player what type of games he or she will play and accordingly they choose such.

Also, there is a fixed set of people who only plays the free versions of android games. And this number is not a few, rather a handsome one. Millions of android users love to play the free games available in Google Play Store. Here is a detail analysis on Top 5 Best FREE Android Games that you must play this September 2016.

Top 5 Best FREE Android Games this September 2016

1. Sniper 3D Assassin: Free Games

Sniper 3D Assassin is one of the best ever aim and shoot game available in Google Play Store and that too at free of cost. Millions of people used to download this amazing shooting game. All you need is to have a gun and start shooting immediately. This free game is having some great features like powerful gameplay, nice visuals and challenging missions. 3D graphics are more than realistic and its cool animations will impress any game player. There are numerous missions available in the game and thousands of guns and other mortal weapons are there in this game. The gameplay is enough to be addicted and with easy controls, people can play this free game either in smartphone or in tablet.

Sniper 3d

If you are bored with boring shooting games with repetitive missions, here is a game that millions of people love to solve. With thousands of missions available in the game, one can eliminate the bad elements just in a whisker. No terrorist from any outfit will have any chance to survive if you can play the game expertly. But, for that you need to target the head of your opponents, every bullet must hit the head of the target else you might be killed immediately in counter attack.

This Sniper 3D Assassin game does not need Internet all the time; rather it can be played offline too in any place. Only in some given interval, one might need to download additional contents from the Internet and that too is optional. The design of the game helps to save Internet data in a reasonable amount so that one can spend quality time in accessing other Internet related things. Almost all the Android run smartphones, tablets and phablets are ready to run this game without any trouble and for its great performance, millions of people have already downloaded it from Google Play Store.

Sniper 3d 2

The latest update by Fun Games For Free, creator of Sniper 3D Assassin Game has been released on 19th August and its total size is of 48MB only. There are already 50,000,000 – 100,000,000 installations have taken place as per Google Play and due to its extreme violence, it’s rated for 18+ category. The current version is 1.13.2 and this game requires Android version 2.3 and above.

If you want to play this free game, you can download the game from Google Play Store.

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2. Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving is one of the easiest game to play in Android smartphone. This racing game will make you crazy and one can literary burn up the streets by this fastest driving game ever. The visuals are also stunning to impress any games lover and it supports multiplayer option. That means, one can play with many other players online without any trouble and due to all these features, this Dr. Driving android game has become a must for almost all android phones. Even after successful completion of your mission, one can earn reasonable amount of gold as a part of this game.

dr driving

This is one of those games which has given the best controls. It’s very realistic and already several free cars are there in the game. Developers SUD Inc. is trying to increase the number of cars as well as some long routes as well as mountains and villages. The sound of this game is superb and the graphics resembles exactly the same.

dr driving 2

Updated in April 4, this Dr. Driving free game is only of 10 MB size. There are already 100,000,000 – 500,000,000 installations have been taken place as per Google Play and its content has been rated for 3+. Dr. Driving requires Android version 2.3.3 and above and its current version is 1.48.

If you want to feel the experience of driving with maximum entertainment, then here is the Google Play Store link for this game.

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3. Pou

Pou is an alien pet whom you can clan, feed and play for hours. You can even watch your Pou is growing up by crossing various game levels after unlocking those. This is a game with different taste and people love to be engaged with Pou only to take care of this creature. A new buzz in the town, Pou is one of the most interesting free games that Android offers to its customers.

Pou Android Game

Apart from feeding and growing your Pou, one can play games in the game room to collect coins. The best thing in Pou is its customization. One can try latest dresses, eyeglasses and hats to Pou to check how it is looking. Each and every room’s wallpaper can be customized and a player can even talk to Pou and listen back what it is trying to say.

Considering its popularity in various corners of the world, Pou is available in Spanish, French, German, Italian and in many other languages apart from the one and only English. This Pou game gives a real taste of your pet despite in virtual world and the developer has promised to give more flexibilities to make Pou popular.

Pou 2

Several new features have been added in Pou game like new shoes, cheaper dresses, hat and new food options. Police dress has been added as well as Halloween outfits. With a latest update on 13 August, the size of Pou is of 21 MB and already 100,000,000 – 500,000,000 installations have been performed as per Google Play. 1.4.72 is the current Pou version and it can be run in Android 2.3 and above operating system enabled devices.

If you wish to play this game, here is the Google Play link.

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4. Piano Tiles 2 (Don’t Tap …2)

If you are looking for a free Android game that is funny as well interesting, then Piano Tiles 2 (Don’t Tap …2) is the ideal choice for you. Piano Tiles 2 (Don’t Tap …2) game has become popular worldwide and every day new players are registering to play this unique game. There are several songs as well as albums of different styles and one can easily add favorite songs in the list. That can be a classical piece or even a popular rock music item.

Piano Tiles 2

The interface is relatively new and huge song list helps player to choose the ideal one that he or she was searching. Using Piano Tiles 2 (Don’t Tap …2) game, one can compete with anyone across the globe and can even share data on more than one devices. The sound quality is best of the lot and one can experience topmost output using it.

Piano Tiles 2 2

The game evolves on tapping on the black tiles while one is listening to the music. The white tiles should be avoided and the player with faster finger operation often comes out as the winner.

If you wish to play Piano Tiles 2 (Don’t Tap …2), then download the same on your smartphone.

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5. – Online Casino App

Online casino games are of high demand. These are designed to give real time casino experience. Casino games are very much addictive and it can’t be stopped until it is finished. There are numerous games associated with it and all are unique in their own terms.
Mr Chicken is one of those.

Casino Mobile App

One need to earn 3 or more chicken symbols to activate the bonus game. Soccer Ultimate is another one which does not matter which team is playing. The main aim remains to win some bucks and eventually the soccer ball symbol replaces other symbols as a mark of advancement. Another popular game is Blackjack which is very much famous in the casino games category. Similar to Blackjack, there are 777 Premium and 777 jackpot which are played widely across the world.

Casino Mobile Android App

In Casino app, they need to go to using their Android device and the download link is there. One can download whatever games they want to play. Thus, best online casino has become so much popular among younger generation.



So, here is the Top 5 Best FREE Android Games that you must play this September 2016 and surely, all will enjoy every game mentioned above which are available in Google Play Store.