Android is the most happening technology ruling in smartphone nowadays. In fact, Android is far ahead from its nearest competitor due to several reasons. Not only the Android-driven phones are easy to use, but one will find millions of applications both free and paid in the Android platform.

It is hard to shortlist the top 10 Android apps that are essential for everyday use. Every day new apps are created and the same is being uploaded to the biggest market, Play Store that is managed by Google.

Till date, this is the largest repository of all kinds of Android Apps, starting from social networking to games. Still, let’s have a look at the best and free android apps that is recommended for any Android smartphone.

Top 10 Recommended Apps for your smartphone

Top 10 Recommended Apps

  1. Security

Avast Anti-Virus – Although there is a slim chance of getting an Android operating system affected by malware, but still keeping the old proverb of Prevention is always better than Cure, one must have a mobile security and anti-virus in the smartphone.

With the increased number of usage of Android-enabled smartphones, some virus or malware might damage all the data inside the phone. Avast anti-virus is a free one and most importantly, it is equipped with several other important tools like privacy tool, anti-theft tool apart from the anti-malware feature that will keep your smartphone safe and secure.

  1. Social Networking

Facebook & Twitter A smartphone without social networking apps is similar to a long distance journey without food. As per the result of several researches, it has been found that nearly 82% of smartphone users do use any of the social networking sites. Even most of the smartphones do come with pre-installed social networking apps.

An App like Facebook will keep one connected to his own circle of friends and Twitter will just keep him updated with any of the latest updates in those 140 characters. There are also several other social networking apps available freely in the Play Store and one can easily choose his desired one.

  1. News / Magazine

Flipboard – Flipboard is termed as the best personal magazine available free of cost. This is the single place where one can find news, videos, photos, stories and many more. The user experience is also at its best where one will literally have to flip to go to next news and one can save any article which he finds worthy.

Used by millions of people worldwide, this app is must for anyone who wants to keep themselves updated with the course of time.

  1. Browser

Opera Mini – It has been regarded as the fastest browser on the Android platform and one simply loves its clutter free interface. Opera Mini is fast, reliable and yes, free. It is secured enough and can be customizable as per requirements.

It can save browser history as well as data and it is quite easy to navigate from one page to another page. The tabs are there to open multiple pages and features like speed dial and smart page always adds some extra speciality in a browser like Opera Mini. This is one of the best Android apps in this category.

  1. Office Suite

Polaris Office – Polaris Office is a free office app particularly helpful for creating and modifying documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It also helps to open pdf files and is mainly optimized for android enabled smartphone and tablet.

This free utility application is compatible with latest desktop versions of MS Word, MS Excel & MS PowerPoint. So, it is very easy to open such files from your smartphone using Polaris Office. One can even show PowerPoint presentation also using this light weight app.

  1. Photography

Instagram – If you talk about a picture application that can be edit photos and several filters can be added to give a picture completely new and fresh look, then Instagram has no competitor in terms of free apps segment. This app is being used by millions of people and you can join on the list, too.

Instagram can lift a picture to a new height with its advanced creative tools. With a great feature of following people of your choice along with their uploaded pictures, Instagram is a must for every android enabled smartphone if you love to work with pictures.

  1. System Tool

App Backup & Restore – Probably, the best ever free backup tool. One can easily save a lot of space in the phone by taking up the backup of some apps those are not used frequently. It is easy to restore and the same can be done from SD card also.

The backup apps can be shared among devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network. There are some other important features also available in this free tool like batch backup, auto backup on install, apk share by mail, etc.

  1. Notepad

Evernote – If you want to take some notes and want to organize those for future reference, then Evernote is one of the best free Android apps. The same can be accessed from anywhere, be a smartphone or tablet or even laptop and this is probably the best place to store all drafts for future reference. With latest versions, one can even take a snap and can store the same also.

  1. Cloud Storage

Google Drive – If you want to access your files from anywhere in the world, then go for Google Drive App. This free utility app will not only allow to access your data irrespective of any geographical location, but it gives the user the liberty to work from smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop.

Important documents, picture, videos can easily be stored in the Google Drive and the same can be shared also with anyone you want. With its ability to view the files in offline mode also, Google Drive is one of the best free apps which you can use on any platform.

  1. Theme

Go Launcher – Are you bored of looking at the same screen for some months? Then you can try Go Launcher, the widely acclaimed theme in Android platform that is free of cost and free from cluttering the desktop too. IT is stylish, smart and slim.

App management is done beautifully, one can easily hide & lock any particular app due to security reasons. The screen decoration gives a new dimension to a great collection of HD wallpapers and screen savers.

There are numerous free android apps apart from these ones and those can easily be downloaded from the Play Store in the similar fashion. It depends on the choice as well as on the requirement of the user. Accordingly he chooses the apps.

Also in several cases, compatibility of apps with the smartphone comes into action. But these top 10 android apps are the best and free Android apps of all time and compatible with most of the smartphones. Millions of people all over the world are using these apps and some more to join in coming days.

Photo credit: Cell phone with wrist strap via photopin (license)