There is no doubt that Cyanogen OS is the latest buzz in the android field and with its presence for quite some years, Cyanogen OS has been able to create its own niche by delivering some quality output and enhanced security options.

People are using android for some time, but some manufacturers are coming up with Cyanogen OS devices and all are well accepted by the users. Here are the  top 10 things about Cyanogen OS you need to know  to understand this operating system much better

Top 10 things about Cyanogen OS you need to know

1. It is an Android

There remains a lot of confusion regarding Cyanogen OS being a totally different operating system than Google’s android. But in the real case, it is not. Cyanogen OS has also the same features like Android. Actually, anyone can build a customized platform based on android as it is an open source and that is how Cyanogen OS is built with several enhancements in appearance, security and others.

Now, several reputed companies are coming up with Cyanogen OS so that they can give their users more flexibility and security. One can customize it to make a personalized system and as it is built on the Android, so every android facility is there.

Cyanogen Features

2. No specific company tie up

Leading companies like Samsung or HTC have their own Touch wiz or Sense UI feature in their handsets and these are unique. No other company can use the same in their smartphone. But, cyanogen is a purely independent company which has created its own flavor and allows any manufacturer to use their OS for their phones.

As it is based on android, so everything on that phone remains same, except a few customized tweaks that enhance the performance of that phone. Cyanogen helps in terms of fixing bugs, adding extra features and necessary hardware support. Cyanogen also comes out with software updates as per the android policy and often equipped with enhanced security measures.

3. Optional software partnership

In any carrier supported phones, we are used to having several bloatware in the form of games, anti-virus and many other apps those are not at all very much useful. But at the same time, you can’t uninstall those in build apps as those came while developing on the android platform.

Cyanogen comes out without such apps and one can have as much as free space possible in the internal memory. This is the biggest feature of cyanogen OS. Although there are some apps from Microsoft and others that tends to be installed in the cyanogen OS also, but one can easily uninstall those apps to have a bigger memory space.

4. Company Outlook

All the android driven phones are heavily banked on its own Play Store for any kind of installation of the apps. As an android user, you do not have any option but to avail this Google service in order to get access to the apps.

Cyanogen is trying to come out with its own app repository for which people won’t have to rely only on Google. Once done, this has high potential to be at par with the Play Store of Google.

5. Cyanogen OS & Cyanogen Mod are different

Cyanogen Mod is the community wing of Cyanogen Inc. Cyanogen Mod ROMs are installed on the Cyanogen OS driven devices, but those can be used in any other mobiles also.

Using Cyanogen Mod, one can add some more features in the existing android and is one of the most popular third-party version of android till date.

6. Different Lock screen

The lock screen in Cyanogen OS devices is different from the traditional android driven ones. The visual presentation is completely different as well as the notification system is much enhanced.

For example, when a phone is locked and the user is listening to any music on it, upon waking up, the lock screen shows the visualizers with ups and downs – create a happy feeling for the user.


Lock Screen

7. Gesture Enabled

Gesture enabled phones are coming up in the market, but cyanogen OS driven devices are already equipped with the same. It is a very simple feature, but once used, these can come in handy very much.  One can easily start the flashlight by making a gesture like “V” on the phone, even the screen is off. Also the camera, track changes can also be done using several customized gestures.

8. Theme Studio

Android is known for its personalization, but cyanogen OS devices are too on the same track. Theme engine in cyanogen OS gives users to work over the lock screen, navigation buttons, fonts, notifications and many more things. The themes are easy to use and can be customized as per requirement. Within a very short span, this aspect of cyanogen OS has become popular among millions of users.

9. Superior Audio

The Maxx audio integration with the Cyanogen OS devices has given a new dimension in terms of listening music. One can customize as per his own requirements and this tool can easily be enabled or disabled.

10. Growth of Cyanogen OS enabled device

More and more companies are coming up with Cyanogen OS devices as truly it can give users the perfect feeling of the android operating system. One can explore each and every option of it and can enable or disable it as per his wish. Uninstallation of unwanted apps is a painful saga in android especially those comes with the set as pre-loaded, but in case of cyanogen OS driven phones it is the plus point. A recent partnership with the chipset giant Qualcomm, cyanogen OS has leaped a few steps forward to serve more. Other manufacturers have also expressed their willingness to work with cyanogen OS and hope to see the sunlight very soon.

Overall, these are the top 10 things about Cyanogen OS you need to know and every day, they are coming up with some new advancements. This rapid growth coupled with new ventures and partnerships will place cyanogen OS in a new height in terms of mobile phone category and people will surely get a unique feeling of this trusted operating system.



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