How would you feel if both WhatsApp and Google Maps are clubbed together in a single app? Will it be good for you to keep track of every employee of yours? Would you think this will increase more productivity in your business? Then perhaps you have got your much-needed app.

Yes, Team Tracker App is such an app developed by a new Indian Startup company that can track the activity of your employee without calling them repeatedly.

What is Team Tracker App?

Ideal for any sales or marketing or even for any logistic support business, Team Tracker app can intimate your geographical location using Google Map and one can communicate using WhatsApp. From desktop, one can communicate with each of the team members without any problem.

The messages are as secured as any private messaging system and the entire concept is login based. The web dashboards and smart reporting system has made it more attractive in terms of report generation system.

Team Tracker App

How does it work?

Once logged in, team members can avail both communication and location service as they will be under a group. They can send important messages to others within the group as well as can have individual chat.

With the check in and check out option, one can put his attendance using this system if he is outside his office and can locate his teammates also using this app. Truly a revolutionary concept where both the messaging and location are received without any hassle and this Team Track app has high potential to be successful in the market.

Worthy to use?

So, days are gone to lose precious business time only for managing your team members over the phone and email. No need to have costly GPS devices with you and with this feature one can even raise an alarm also in case of any emergency.

A package where one doesn’t have to mail his attendance to his superior as using real-time mechanism, everyone can know where they stand. Only some cons of this system is, a company has to provide smartphone with internet connectivity to all its employees (although most people are using smartphone nowadays, still it can’t be a mandatory equipment while joining any company) and most importantly, there should be adequate Internet coverages in the areas where people will move.

Then only their message and locational information can be received, else not. Also, one can simply check out from the app or even can log out if he doesn’t want to broadcast his location information. Apart from all these issues, this can easily be used as a tool that will increase the business efficiency without any doubt.

Especially in such businesses like logistic management, supply chain business, disaster management, delivery business where location tracking of employees and team members are very much important.

Photo credit: Samsung Galaxy S5 via photopin (license)