You probably try to stream YouTube music in background but as soon as your screen turns off, YouTube automatically stops the video you are playing. This feature has some advantage as well as disadvantage.

Think of this: What if you’re using mobile data and play YouTube videos, forgot it and the screen turns off? You probably looses a lot of data and battery that’s why YouTube put that feature for this purpose.

On the other hand, what if you just want to play, stream and listen to YouTube music with screen off? You probably looking for solutions to play YouTube in background.

The good thing is, there are always solutions to problems. In fact, there are few apps which can play YouTube while the screen is off or in the background. Let’s go!

Stream YouTube Music with screen off or in background

Using Mozilla Firefox browser

This method requires you to use Mozilla Firefox browser and it should work on almost all smartphones today, so go ahead to Play Store, download and install it. If you don’t know, Firefox is one of the Top Internet Browsers which is release on September 2002.

Next go to YouTube and play some music. Go to Home app from Android or lock your phone which turns off the screen. Viola! You can now stream YouTube Music even if the screen is off. However, Autoplay is not supported which means, you will manually choose music every time it ends.

Alternatively, you can always choose YouTube mix or any Playlist will do. Try it!

How to stream YouTube Music with screen off on Android


YouTube Red subscription

YouTube Red is a paid subscription that gives you more benefits than the regular YouTube user. For a $10 per month, you get access to original ad-free videos as well as the benefits of saving videos for offline use, background playing even when the screen is off, Audio mode which you can listen to audio only and Google Play Music subscription. Learn more about YouTube Red

Once you’re done setting up the subscription, go to Settings > Background and Offline and set Playback to Always On.

YouTube Red
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Do you have any other option on how to play YouTube even when the screen is off? Let us know in the comment section below.