Spotify has announced today that they launched Spotify in Japan on mobile phones, tablets and PlayStation® consoles, however, it is only available in an invite-only basis.

As they launched, Spotify offers both freemium ad supported service and fully ad free subscription service. According to Spotify, they are the first music streaming service in Japan to offer both free and premium music subscription. Users can listen for free, otherwise they can opt in to Spotify Premium for only 980 yen(~$9.64) per month.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch Spotify with a uniquely Japanese music experience. With Spotify’s revolutionary discovery and personalization features that fit your every mood, we aim to help people enjoy more music and connect more artists with fans than ever before.” – CEO and Founder, Daniel Ek.

In any case whether they choose free or premium service, they’ll get the advantage of  broad list of international and local artists with its curation of music that match our your everyday mood and includes both Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists. You can play this on any portable gadget including Wi-Fi speakers, TV as well as PlayStation® and more which you can control via mobile, tablet, desktop and PlayStation™Music for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3.

Spotify on Android phone

Spotify will be available on an invite-only basis but it will open to all users on the right time. To request an invite, just go to Spotify also noted that the service is available in 60 markets with more than 100 million users worldwide after launching Spotify Japan.

If you’re on Japan, share your first impression with us.

Happy music streaming 🙂


Source: Spotify