If you got bored and you want to play in your leisure time, try the two old but popular game for all ages, Solitaire and Tic-Tac-Toe which Google has added to make more fun when searching. Google has announced that you can play Solitaire and Tic-Tac-Toe straight from Google Search results page.

How to play solitaire and more in Google search

Just search solitaire using your Google Search App. This also works not only on mobile but also on desktop.

Solitaire Android Mobile Google Search

Now try searching tic-tac-toe and you will see a playable game on top of the results. In this game, you can choose between three level of difficulty which is Easy, Medium and Impossible. What’s good about this is that, you can play this game with your friend.

Tic tac toe Google Search

Google has noted that playing games is not the only fun you can have while searching in Google. You can also try other things like “flip a coin” or try asking Google for animal sounds. Try searching “what sound does a pig make?” or “what sound does a horse make?“.

horse flip a coin pig

However, not all Android users can have these “fun” in the Google Search App results page. I tried this on my 2 phones, one with Jellybean and the other is Kitkat and when I tried this on Google Search App (updated), it does not show up. I think, you must have at least Android 5.0 Lollipop OS version or up to use this feature.

How about you? Can you do this on your phone? Leave us feedback below and state your Android version. Thanks and have a good day!