Managing multiple emails isn’t easy. Some folks installed multiple apps to manage multiple emails on Android and installing apps takes our storage space instead of installing other apps. For example, if you have email on gmail, you install gmail app. If you have yahoo email, you install yahoo email app and so on.

Today we will guide you on how to manage your multiple emails in one app using your Androids phone built-in email app. Some folks install third party email client app because there are some fancy features that the built-in email app cannot handle.

As for me, I don’t need that fancy features. What I need is an email client that can send and receive emails and can attached files to the email and the built-in email app does all of that. So if you are like me, follow these steps:

Setup email using your built-in app on Android Phone

  1. Open you built-in email clientSetup email using your built-in app on Android Phone
  2. Enter your email and password and click “Next”
  3. It will check if the email and password is correct and it will check the server automatically(For Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.)
  4. In the next screen, you can customize these settings as you want. However, you can change this later and just click “Next”
  5. Give the account a name and click “Next”.(Enter whatever you want because no one will see this except you)Configuring built-in email client on Android
  6. It will sync to your email and if you are success, your emails will appear on the next screen.
  7. If you want to setup your company email on built-in app, you need to know the following:
    • Email and Password
    • Incoming and outgoing Server
    • Security Type(if using secure connection)
  8. Enter your email and password and click “Next”
  9. In the next screen you will choose the type of account. You can choose any type of account but we recommend IMAP.Configure company's email using built-in email app client on Android
  10. Configure incoming settings,
    • Enter your incoming server
    • Port(143=not encrypted, 993=encrypted/secure)
    • Security type(None=is not using secure connection or choose your desire security type as per your company’s recommendation)Configure incoming email server
  11. Configure outgoing settings:
    • Enter your  outgoing server
    • Port(25 or 26=not encrypted, 465=encrypted/secure)
    • Security type
    • Check “Require sign-in”Configure outgoing email server
  12. Then on the next screen, give the account a name and you’re good to go.


Congratulations, you have successfully setup multiple emails in one app using your Androids Phone built-in email client. I hope this helps you and just comment below if you are experiencing problems.



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