You will find many types of tablets on the market. Some claims their tablets are the best tablet in the market. But, every tablet is not perfect or suitable for everyone. You have to choose the perfect match for yourself.

There are many features on all of the tablets. And day by day, it is just getting bigger and better. So, we literally get confused that what to choose over what. To select best tablet for your usage, you can follow this tutorial.

Buying the best tablet: Which to consider?

1. Budget

There is a huge collection of tablet in the market. Some are very exclusive with their performances, some are very attractive with their designs. But, all of them has a price range. So, the first thing you will look on to, is your budget.

Decide your budget and try to find the best tablet on your budget range. There are three types of tablets in the market such as – high end, mid-range and the low-end tablets. So match your budget with the specifications and choose the best one for you.

2. Specifications

There are many types of features on a tablet. Choose the best one by knowing all of the specifications. Here is a quick rundown of the hardware and software specifications.

Best Tablet 2015

3. OS

There are many types Operating System such as- Android, Windows, iOS. Android is the most used Operating System out there, which is highly customizable and fun to use. And it has a huge amount of different applications on their online store named as Google Playstore. If you want to use a highly customizable OS with a lot of applications then you can use Android Tablet but choose only the best tablet for you.

Windows tablets are not available in much numbers yet. Though it has a priority to the Microsoft’s Windows OS users. If you are a windows fan and got used to windows then those tablets are for you. iPad are the tablets based on iOS. They are very popular tablets to people. As Apple is the manufacturer of iPads, you can undoubtedly go for it.

4. Weight

Some tablets are heavy others are lighter. Most of the people prefers lighter tablets. So, if you want to use it here and there then go for the lighter one. Sometimes the lighter is not the better one, so pick the best one using your sense of humor. But, certainly you should give a look at the build quality of the tablet. Because, it should be the number one priority when you are buying the best tablet.

5. Screen size

All the tablets have different types of screen size such as- 7 inch, 9 inch, 11 inch etc. If you want a bigger display then go for the 11 inch other than go for the smaller ones. But, it is sure that if you get a smaller one then you will get very comfortable with it to use it on the go. But, the bigger ones might be not as comfortable as the smaller ones every once in a while.

6. Screen types

There are many types of displays out there such as- Retina, Amoled, OGS, IPS etc. Some manufacturer also provide their own display related software to enhance the display quality. Take the one which you prefer most. But, try to get the one which have more PPI (Pixel per Inch) Density. Because, you will get more vivid color out of your tablet.

Again, nothing to say of that the bigger display will drain your battery faster. Different companies provide different types of protection on the display glass. Choose the one which have the latest technology. Because, we all know, ‘prevention is better than cure’.

7. Wireless & network

Some tablets offer SIM slot, again some don’t. If you are in a place where there is no Wi-Fi hotspot available then go for which has SIM slot. But if you have a WI-FI connection then go for the other one. And, if your tablet has the USB OTG feature, that would be great to connect it to an external modem/dongle.

8. Processor

There are many types of processors. Some are very good and some are not up to the mark. If you want to work without any lag then go for the higher clock speed enabled processor. You should also give a look at the number of cores. You can go for the higher core enabled processor for better performance. It will help you on gaming and multitasking.

9. RAM

If you want good performance from your tablet then go for the one which have more RAM. You can easily play games and multitask if you go for the one which have more RAM. Now a days there are many tablets which have 1 GB of RAM. And, some others have more than 1 GB. So, it is not very difficult to find the best tablet with more RAM (Random Access Memory)

10. Camera

Everybody wants to capture photos now and then. But, if you have good camera on your tablet then you will not have to carry an extra camera with you all the time. If you want a good camera on your tablet then go for the one which have a good sensor as well as megapixels. And, if you want to take a clean picture then you should go for the one which have a good sensor.

However, if you want to zoom in and take pictures then go for the one which have higher megapixels. And if you are selfie fan then obviously go for the one which has the better front camera. It will also help you to do video calling. A flash light included in the back of the phone would add more goodness to take a photo in the dark or night.

11. Battery backup

It is a very important issue, if you want to use your tablet for much longer then you need to have a good battery backup. So, if you are a gamer or online activist who have to stay online most of the time then go for the one which have much higher battery backup. And, remember the more the feature rich your tablet would be, the more it will drain your battery.

Sony Tablet Woman

12. Storage

Another important issue is the storage capacity. Some tablets offers external SD card slot but some don’t. If you need to store huge files then you should go for the one which have external storage capability. And, if your tablet has the USB OTG feature, then you can plug in external storage to your tablet easily. So, it can also be very helpful to have an USB on the go feature on your tablet.

13. GPU

This point is very important for gamers. If you want to play games on your tablet then you should take a look at the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). It has many things to do with the performance of gaming. There are a several manufacturers which provide GPU.

Among them are Adreno, Mali are the popular GPU providers. But, day by day they are manufacturing new GPUs. So, to get the better performance on gaming, you should get the best  tablet which has the latest GPU. But, if you are not a gamer then you can get a tablet which does not have a better GPU.

14. Sensors

Sensors are another significant thing to look at. There are many types of sensors on a tablet. If you want a good performance from your tablet then you should go for the one which have much more sensors. Sensors add more fun when you use a tablet.


If you have read this article then you can easily choose the best tablet for yourself. Just set your budget and go for the best tablet which fits your budget. There are many tablet manufacturers, you should go for the one which you trust most, or which attracts you by the design and build quality.

A tablet with better Display, Battery Backup, RAM and Processor is always the best option to pick up. It is your time to choose the best match for you.




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