Every once in a while, you might get into this annoying situation, that you have mistakenly deleted your precious data from your phone. At that very moment, you cannot think of anything without recovering your files. And, we all get confused that whether we can recover the files or not. Fear not, there are few methods to recover deleted files in that situation. We will go through those methods step by step on this article.

Note: You can only recover  deleted files from your Android’s memory storage, if you have not overwrite anything in the storage drive of your phone after deleting your precious files. But, if you have copied or downloaded anything on your stage then, the deleted files cannot be recovered

How to Recover Deleted files on Android

Method 1: Using PC

1.1 Using Recuva Software

This method is very easy to perform and very reliable. And by following this method, you will be able to recover deleted data on Android free of cost. But, you will need some preparation to perform this method.

Required things:

  • A PC
  • Recuva If you don’t have it on your PC. Just download it for free.
  • USB cable
  • USB driver for your Phone model. Search the web to find your phone’s driver and install it on your PC

Remark: If you want to recover file from the external SD card. Then you will not need those. You will just need a memory card reader in that case.


In case of internal SD:

  • Take the USB cable and connect your phone to PC through USB port
  • Now, from your ‘Notification Bar’, turn on the USB storage
  • Then, you will see your storage drives in your Computer’s list of Removable storages

Recover Deleted files on Android using PC

In case of external SD:

  • Remove your external Memory card from your Phone and insert it into the card reader and plug in it into the PC’s USB port

Similar for both cases:

  • Open the ‘Recuva’ software on your PC

Recuva on PC

  • In the first window of the software, you have to select which type of files you want to recover
  • If you don’t know the type of your deleted files or have to recover several types of file then select the ‘Others’ option

recuva wizard

  • After selecting the file type, click on ‘Next’. A new window will appear
  • On the next window, you have to select the drive/directory from which you will recover the files
  • Here you can either select the option ‘On my media card or iPod’ or select the option ‘In a specific location’

Recuva Wizard 2

  • If you have selected ‘In a specific location’ then click on ‘Browse’ and navigate to the storage drives of your Android phone

Recuva Wizard 3

  • Then click on OK

Recuva Wizard 4

  • On the next window, click on ‘Start’. If you want to do a deep scan, tick mark on the option ‘enable deep scan’ (it will take very long time)

Recuva Deep Scan

  • On the next window, you will find all of your files that can be recovered
  • You just have to select (check mark) which of the files, you want to recover and then click on ‘Recover’ (only the ‘green circle’ marked files can be fully recovered)

Recuva Wizard 5

  • Now, a new pop up window will appear where you have to select the location of recovery. Do not select any of your Android storages. Instead of that select any of your PC’s storage drive.

Recuva Wizard 6

  • After selecting the recovery location, click on OK
  • After a few seconds your files will be recovered. Click on Ok to close the pop up window

Recuva Wizard 7


  • And, you will find all of your recovered file in that recovery location which you have selected on time of recovery.

1.2 Using Wondershare Data Recovery

This data recovery app is so powerful and it works PC. You have to install it on your PC and it will give you instructions about the whole process. But, one of the drawbacks of this app is its cost. You have to buy the full version of this app with 49.95$. Because, the trial version will not help you to recover all of your deleted data. If you have deleted very precious files or documents that are worth recovering for a cost of 49.95 $ only then use it.


Method 2: Using third party app within your Android device

There are various recovery app in Google play. But, all of them are not reliable and not free of cost. Again, some of those apps require root access on your device (Why rooting is needed?). Here, we will give details about some of the good apps for recovering deleted files on your Android.

2.1 Undelete

This is a very good app to recover your deleted files. But, this app requires rooted device. And, if you don’t have rooted device, you cannot use this app. This app is very easy to use. You have to install this app on your phone. After opening the app you will find the option to choose the ‘internal or external storage’. And by choosing your preferred storage and tapping on the recover option, you will get the options to recover your photos, music, videos and messages too.


2.2 My Jad Android Data Recovery

This is another great data recovery software for Android. And, unfortunately it is also not free. You have to buy it. After you install this on your PC, this app will instruct you through the whole process of Data Recovery.

2.3 Photo recovery

This is an app which can be used for recovering only the deleted photos. So, if you want to recover your deleted photos then this is the best app for you. It is very user-friendly and the best thing is – it is free.

How to Use it:

  • Install Photo Recovery from Google Play on your Phone.
  • Open the ‘Photo Recovery’ app and tap on the big blue icon to start recovery

Photo Recovery

  • It will start to recover your images
  • After a few minutes, your images will be recovered and you will find them in a folder named ‘ALL_RECOVERED in the internal storage of your Device

Photo Recovery 2

Last words

These are some of the best apps and ways to retrieve or recover deleted files and data from your android device. However, all of them will not be helpful for you. But, we believe that at least any one of the methods will come in handy to recover deleted files on Android.




Photo Credit: Delete key via photopin (license)