Raid HQ finally arrived for Android last month, and since it has been out for one month, I will go over the game and provide you with some knowledge that will come in handy

Raid HQ – What you need to know!

Raid HQEightPixelsSquare, makers of All Guns Blazing and Cartel Kings, launched RAID HQ for Android on June 23, 2016. It is an Action based good time with the DNA of a Shooter and Card Strategy game that is sort of like a mixture of Clash Royale, Boom Beach, and a tad bit of Clash of Clans all wrapped into one.

Card Strength Matters

The cards you collect and level up are at the very core of the game. As you can probably imagine, there are various levels of cards. There are COMMON, RARE, EPIC, and LEGENDARY cards.

At each stage the cards are more powerful and harder to obtain. Within the cards are characters of all shapes and sizes like the gas-mask wearing character CYANIDE (Pictured Below) who, for some reason, likes to run around in nothing but his under-garments.

Raid HQ Color Cards

There are different colors on the cards ranging from RED to GREEN to BLUE which beat each other in that order, and with BLUE overpowering RED.

YELLOW and PURPLE do bonus damage to one another. Learn those color orders and pay close attention to the special skills each of your characters carry with them into battle.There are also paths on the islands that you try and capture. On these paths, there will be certain colored defenses; building a proper deck is crucial in determining whether or not you will come out victorious.

You are much better off researching which trail to take in the free levels, because it will pay off once the competition goes live. So, pay attention and learn. Also, there will are free items each day you log-in and free chests every few hours. Make sure to log on and collect the chests when it is time, and you will find yourself leveling up at a much faster rate.

Raid HQ in-game previewThere’s No Place Like Home

Your home, which you can raise or lower in sections, is where you will spend time building and leveling up RESOURCE, DEFENSE, and SUPPORT structures. The resources you must gather and produce are gold, elixir, and oil.

Gems will come from time-to-time during the game or when you decide to buy them. Doing so will provide the resources needed to build and level up other in game structures. The gems can speed that up.

The Defensive structures to build range from Minefields and MiniGuns to Missile Batteries and Tesla Cannons; each is stronger than the next and more expensive to build and upgrade.

Support Units like the Boot Camp will need to be built and upgraded in order to strengthen clan troops. Other Support units like the Area Boosters will strengthen the defenses on your island. As you level up, your island grows making way for more buildings. Grow strong and fend off all that oppose you


Map, Clans, and Player vs Player

Raid HQ in-game preview 2

At the beginning of the game your map will start off small, much like your island, and as your PLANE LEVEL rises, the map will open up more to reveal other islands to attack and claim as your own resource providers much like in Boom Beach. Make sure to be on the lookout for donut-rafts with crates full of gold. They help.

In order to attack in Player vs. Player battles you must unlock the PVP CARRIER at level 3 HQ; it costs 20,000 gold coins once you are ready to do so. The more people you attack and beat, the more resources you bring in to build a stronger HQ.

You must think and use strategy in PvP battles in order to win. Use proper cards to beat the opponents. The proper color card against another will help in PvP, but you must be able to think faster than your opponent to win.

Much like other games such as Clash of Clans, you will want to join a CLAN as soon as you are able. It will open up the LEAGUES in game and provide you with people to communicate and learn the game with.

Game Specs and Information

In order to download RAID HQ, you will need 54.06 MB of free space on your Android device. The game is rated E 10+ for Everyone 10 and older due to some Fantasy Violence. A network connection is required and the game does contain ads. The latest update was released on July 29, 2016 and the current Version of the game is 2.906. The update brings seven more cards and a variety of other goodies.

RAID HQ is a Free-to-Play game with in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $99.99 per item. However, the in-app purchases can be disabled by going onto your Google Play Account and either disabling purchases completely or by placing an Authentication requirement on purchases to prevent those you do not want spending money on the account.

Overall Opinion and Thoughts

RAID HQ is a game you can spend many hours collecting cards, leveling up, strengthening your HQ and battling other players for superiority. The change of pace you get when placed into the 3rd person POV during attacks is an awesome work of genius, because it brings in so many elements to one game making it more well rounded. If you are struggling with finding time to play Royale, Clash, and Boom, you can pick up RAID HQ and get the best portions of those other games in one.