Among all augmented reality games available in the market, Pokémon Go is probably the best of the lot. The game has been developed by Niantic Inc. and is available for Android & iOS devices. This is relatively a very new born baby in the Android games market as it was released only in July, 2016.

The basic aim of this game is to capture, train, trade & battle virtual Pokémon in which those are eventually appear in real life also. It is a free game but is having the option of in-app purchase. Alongside this Pokémon Go, a tiny but useful wearable device has been released by the company and has been named as Pokémon Go Plus.

This small device takes the help of Bluetooth connection in order to inform users when a Pokémon is available nearby by using an LED and a light rumble. This Pokémon Go Plus device is sold separately from the main app.

Pokémon Go Info


The interest of creating such app was laid way back in the year 2013 and development started accordingly. Lately, Pokémon Go Plus was devised for the enthusiastic players. In March, 2016 an announcement was made regarding the beta test of this Pokémon Go before it is being released fully all over the world.

Initially, the test was limited to japan, then extended to Australia and New Zealand. People of United States started to use this game app only in May, 2016. The Pokémon Company had made an announcement that the beta test will be over by 30th June, 2016.

Keeping the pace with it, the game was first officially release in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and United States on 6 July, 2016.

Pokemon Go in-game preview 1


A smartphone with Android Operating System version 4.4 and up installed. The size of this game is 58.1 MB, so you better have enough storage to install and run this game. Pokémon Go is currently in version 0.29.0 (as of this writing)


Initially the Pokémon Go apk file need to be downloaded & installed in the smartphone. There is an important feature to remember: The Unknown Sources option under Security Settings should be enabled in order to install this app.

One can install the Pokémon Go app either from Google Play or from this external source. If you cannot download it, just visit this link from

However, it is not available in Google Play Store of all countries, for example, people of UK, Philipines are yet to be able to download the app from Google Play Store.

How to Install Pokémon Go in UK & Europe and others

As Google Play is yet to add this Pokémon Go app in their Play Store, here is an alternative way to install from Europe & UK.

  1. Using the APKMirror link, download the apk
  2. With “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources” option On, start installing the same in the smartphone
  3. Once downloaded, start exploring Pokémon Go.

As this Pokémon Go is not available in all the countries but it is very popular among various ages, hence it is needed to be circulated all over so that more and more game lovers can play this great game.


There are various types of Pokémon available and those live in various places also. Pokémon Go Plus wristband is available with the app that helps to increase the gaming experience to a new level.

Using Bluetooth technology, it connects the players and uses notification in the form of flashing light as well as vibration to inform the presence of any Pokémon nearby. To catch the Pokémon, the player needs to press the button in a coded sequence and can easily check later whether the Pokémon has been captured or not.

The following steps can give a better idea of the gameplay of Pokémon Go.

Step 1: The player needs to step outside to search for a Pokémon. Efforts will be there not only to find but also to catch that wild Pokémon.

Step 2: Nearby towns and cities need to be explored to capture Pokémon. This movement should not be limited to any area, rather better to move all available places in search of maximum Pokémon.

Step 3: Whenever a Pokémon is nearby the user, a vibration signal will be generated. It signifies that a Pokémon is very near to the player

Step 4: Once a Pokémon is found, the next step remains to aim it and to throw a Poke Ball to catch the Pokémon. There is a chance of a Pokémon running away when it is tried to be caught.

Step 5: Lookout for Pokémon should continue in other places like monuments, historical places or in public art installations. There is a huge chance of finding those in great number.

Watch the Game Preview

How to Play

Pokémon Go is built on the Real World Gaming Platform of Niantic and uses real locations to create realistic platform. It allows to search for more than hundred species of Pokémon in any surroundings. This popular gaming app uses sensor & camera of the smartphone coupled with location based algorithms to locate the exact address of the Pokémon.

  1. Basics

Once booted for the first time, the Trainer needs to be customized like giving him / her a name. Also the starter Pokémon need to be chosen from a wide list like Squirtle or Charmander or Bulbasaur. Once the first Pokémon is caught, the trainer moves along with a Google map driven layout.

The location will be identified by the GPS of the smartphone and in that map, the landmarks in the form of PokeStops & Gyms are found. Those are not accessible unless the player goes near to those either location wise or level wise.

Pokémon The concept of Catching Pokémon is having a different concept than the original game. There are some factors that come into play like the type of the PokeBall, the technique in which the ball was thrown which are helpful to catch any Pokémon successfully.

Out of all, throwing technique is the best thing which need to be mastered. The force behind the ball as well as the angle of throwing is very much important to play this game.

  1. Traits

Once a Pokémon is caught, Command Points (CP) can guide it to fight in the battle. Higher the CP, better they can fight. Pokémon with various CP is available and obviously, highest CP gets the benefit. Also, based on the Trainer’s level, Pokémon with higher CP comes out automatically.

  1. Levelling Up / Evolution

Evoking is also an important part of this game and this extra step involves the Transfer function which helps to give this game a different dimension.

  1. Healing / Reviving

In any battle, damage is on the cards; same in this case too. Damage of Pokomen is inevitable, even if it wins the battle. A player need to be well active and equipped to cope up with such situation.

Pokemon Go in-game preview 2

Tips & Tricks of playing Pokémon Go

  1. Eye on Footprint

As the game does not predict the location of the Pokémon, hence guessing the same by noticing number of paw prints below the names can signify a bit.

  1. Defend Team, don’t claim new Gym

It is always better to leave a gym to another Pokémon for defending the same and in turn better to create a challenge for others who has a desire to claim the same.

  1. Don’t waste time for Pokestops

Once a Pokestop’s icon is spun, no need to wait further. Just press “X” and all the items will be deposited in to the inventory automatically.

This is to be understood that Pokémon Go is one of the most popular games in the world and although everyone can’t download and play this game but interest is there which puts Pokémon Go top of the list of all android gamers.



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