What is Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility App?

Nikon is one of the best in terms of camera – be it a digital one or SLR. The clarity of the pictures produced in Nikon camera is simply brilliant and worthy to be praised.

Nikon has always created new things in its camera although there are other competitors who give Nikon a tough fight to be among the top 3 camera manufacturers in the world.

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The usage of high quality and precision lens, using latest features in their camera and so on. The latest addition is Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app for Android.

Android is, of course, the latest buzz in the town for the last couple of years and everyone tries to use this platform for producing a better outcome.

Similarly, in the case of Nikon, this wireless mobile utility app is able to connect Nikon Wi-Fi enabled cameras. Those cameras might have in built Wi-Fi or they might use WU-1a or Wu-1b mobile adapter to be connected with Apple & Android smartphones.

Using this app, one can easily download a photo from the camera and even the remote-control operation of the camera using the smartphone is also possible.

It gives you a hassle-free experience while uploading the pictures to any social sites also.

Why Should You Use Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility App?

If you wish to sync, organize and edit your photos right on your phone, then use Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app for Android.

You can take a stunning picture with your Nikon camera and transfer it to your smartphone immediately. Once the picture is on your smartphone or tablet, you can share the same to anyone you want, anywhere you wish.


Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app for Android allows you to use your smartphone as a remote monitor. You can see the object from your phone same as the camera views and can take the picture right away from your smartphone using the app.

Control what your camera sees

You just need to establish the wireless connection between the camera and the smartphone. Then either downloading pictures or taking new pictures is a click away only.

You can add location data from your smartphone to the pictures while you upload as well as you can easily control the optical zoom using the app.

Another great feature is the NFC support. Sharing of the picture is easier if both the camera and smartphone has NFC enabled.


The Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app for android cannot be operated with a SnapBridge compatible camera. Also, the app might not recognize pictures taken with non-supported cameras.

This app is also not suitable for remote movie recording. It can download the movies from the camera but can’t play back the same.

Only one camera can be connected at a time in this app. The resolution should be at least 800 x 480 for better display.

How to Use It?

Use of Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app for Android is very easy. If you have a Wi-Fi enabled camera, then turn on the feature same like in the smartphone.

How to use Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility App for Android

If both the camera and phone support NFC, then you need to turn on that feature. Once connected, it is only a click away to download selected pictures from the camera to the smartphone or to take a picture using a smartphone instead of working with the camera.


If you have a smartphone with the latest Android operating system then you must use Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app for Android.

Just check if it is compatible with your Nikon camera or not and start exploring it. Taking pictures will be a new experience using this app.

You can never forget the easiness of transferring pictures from the camera to the smartphone. You are just a click away.



Photo Credit: www.nikonusa.com