Technology keeps moving forward, so do the hackers. With the technology today, anyone can compromise your emails, bank and credit accounts and any other online accounts. But for Nest, your account is much safer now.

Nest has launch two-factor authentication to add extra security when logging in to the app. For some, this two-factor authentication is not new to them. Some applications are already implementing this second layer security.

But if you don’t know about this, basically it will add second layer of security to your account. When you login to the app, traditionally, you enter your email and password then you’re in. With two-factor authentication, when you logged in to your account, it will ask a random generated code which will be sent to your phone via sms or through third party apps.

What does this mean, is that, if the hacker has your email and password in their hands, they can’t easily logged in because they need the codes in your phone.

Sounds good right?

However, Nest only supports codes via SMS for now. Google and Facebook supports third party integration. Which means, if you can’t receive the codes via SMS, you can generate it via Google Authenticator App.

How to Turn on 2 Factor Authentication on Nest

  1. Log in to your Nest account
  2. Click the arrow beside the word “nest” then click AccountTurn on 2 factor authentication nest
  3. Go to Manage Account > Account Security > then click 2 step verification
  4. Turn it on by sliding the button below.Turn on 2 step verfication nest

This was not the first time that Nest is updating it’s security. Nest keeps updating and tweaking their security to cope with the latest threat on the technology today.

Keeping your data safe is hugely important to us. And we’re going to keep working to protect it. –Nest

Developer: Nest Labs Inc.
Price: Free


Source: Nest Blog