Android is undoubtedly the most user-friendly operating platform for any smartphone. Although there are some other competitors, like Windows of Microsoft and BlackBerry OS, but android has moved into the top gear in a very rapid time.

With millions of apps under its play store, android users are able to have a taste of everything. But what they were not been able, was to get the complete experience of Microsoft Office in that platform. With the change of time, Microsoft too has relaxed its norms and started to prepare its office suite for the android users.

As a result, first came the Office suite for android tablets, and then for the smartphones. Millions of people are now happy to taste such cross-platform solution that is not only modern but also optimized for touch phones. Here are some of its features that are attracting millions of users worldwide.


Features of Microsoft Office preview version

1. The same old Office Experience with New features

Office suite in android also will bear the traditional and familiar look created by Microsoft so that users can feel the same experience of it. Now, a special emphasis has been given to make it a touch-friendly one customized for the android smartphones. One can open any document and can format as per his requirement.

All the menu options along with navigation sections are there at the bottom of the screen so that one can reach it quite easily and can get a clear area of viewing in the middle. Reading any document and editing the same is a complete smooth experience for any type of user.

Mobile Office Android Phone

3. Office on the go

Office suit in the form of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are ready to give users a liberty to work from any location virtually. One can read, modify or even can delete any of those parts sitting anywhere, be offline or online and this has really made office suite a great app in the android arena.

Creating graphs and tables in spreadsheet app like excel is the easiest job to do, similarly, one can create some stunning slides in the mobile PowerPoint app. Be ready for a unique and rich experience of document editing.

4. Access files from anywhere

With all the smartphones connected to the Internet, one can easily find the necessary files stored in any of the cloud storages. Using Microsoft Office suite, one can easily create, open, edit and save files in any of the cloud hosting solutions from the android smartphones without any hassles.

It can be the Google Drive or Drop box or OneDrive like cloud resources that are both available in free and paid versions according to the space required.

5. Sharing your works

Being a creator, you will always ask for user and others opinion of anything. Using the office app, one ca easily share their ideas as well as presentations from the android phone itself so that one can make any changes if required. With the help of options like track changes, comments, and markup documents, it is also very easy to find the modifications done by the other person.

The file can be sent as an attachment over the mail for further processing. Everything can be done from the office app and one has thousands of reasons to rejoice. After tablet, Microsoft came with the office version for mobile phones also in the android category and very fast, it is gaining the popularity I leaps and bounds.

Users have started to use this app and are already quite impressed about the build quality as it comes from the maker of Microsoft stature. Even in the play store, it has been able to secure good scores based on the user reviews same like the tablet version. So, this is truly a great time for all android users that they can have a taste of the preview version of Microsoft office app.


Photo credit: LG G Flex via photopin (license)