Sometimes, we forgot to charge our Android phones on time. In fact, a low power smartphone battery is a common problem for all mobile phone users. Sure, charging your phone is the solution to your problem which will replenish the juice in your battery but the charging time is not a speedy process.

We’ve talked before on how to extend the battery life of your Android phone when you’re unable to charge your phone, but there are also quick solution on how to make a slow charging Android phone faster on times that you needed it the most.

To tell you the truth, these quick hacks will not give your more battery life on your phone, rather, it will speed up the charging time of your Android phone. We’re going to focus only on how to make a slow charging Android phone faster so that when you’re in trouble, you know what to do.

Tips to make a slow charging Android phone faster


1. Use the right charger at the right outlet

Almost all Android phone chargers uses a universal adapter which you can connect a cable that fits into your phones USB charging port. However, it doesn’t mean that the charging time will be the same as the original charger that comes in the same package when you bought your phone.

Use the right charger at the right outlet

Using the right charger and cable will surely make your charging time faster than the other due to compatibility issues. Look for the power rating usually at the back of the charger, you will see something like this: 5.0V~1.0A. The 1.0A means 1 ampere and usually it’s the rating that most smartphone use. If you find your phone with more than that, then it is a fast charger, else it is a slow charger. Note that this is not the rule but it’s true for most smartphones today.

Connecting your phone to your desktop or laptops USB port to charge is a bad idea especially if you want to charge your phone quickly.  A USB 2.0 will provide a 0.5A with 2.5W(watts) of power while USB 3.0 port will provide a maximum current of 0.9A with a 4.5W of power. However, your main power outlet will give you more that’s why it is wise to charge your phone through the main power outlet.


2. Switch it of or Activate Airplane Mode

Turning off your phone is one of the easiest way of speeding up charging time. It’s simple, since your phone is switch off, the phone has nothing to do but to charge itself. If your phone is turned off, it will not look for Wi-Fi, hop on LTE networks, won’t receive calls and messages and everything.

If you don’t want to switch off your phone, then activate Airplane Mode. Airplane mode doesn’t need you to be inside an airplane to activate this. Using this mode will blocks all wireless radio features in your phone including Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, Bluetooth, GPS and radio. But what if someone wants to get in touch with you? Well, just enable your cellular data and turn off everything else and put your brightness at the lowest level.

Activate Airplane Mode
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3. Use High Speed charging Power Bank

Some power banks doesn’t have the high speed charging feature, but this Candy bar-Sized Anker Astro is promising. Nowadays, there are many portable power banks  which differ in sizes, power rating and price. Power banks nowadays has become more popular in the market that’s why you can buy a portable power bank for just $16 at Amazon.

Anker Astro High Speed Charging


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