You will soon have the option to use Iris Recognition Technology to unlock your smartphone. Up until now, the only device with anything like this is the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL. The Lumia models have been out for around a year and have had above average ratings. So, other companies have the chance to perfect the technology and really bring the technology to the forefront of the business world.

The point to this is most new phones being made, and the manufacturers making them, are focusing more and more on security. Identity is easier to steal than ever and it happens on a routine basis around the world. With that said, let’s take a look at an image based on Samsung’s Iris Recognition patent issued a couple years ago (there was an even earlier patent granted for this technology Samsung filed in 2013), which goes to show how long this technology takes to bring to life.

Iris Recognition Technology
Galaxy Note 7 / ©

The numbers 1 through 10 on the image represent: 1) The Device being used. 10) The Iris Recognition technology 20) Lighting System 30) Screen.

Iris Recognition Technology

How it Will Work

Let’s take a look at how this technology is going to work based on the image above from Samsung’s patent. The camera for recognizing the iris, which is the colored portion of your eye, whether that be brown, blue or green, is able to scan in both low light and bright light due to the use of infrared. Also, the Iris Recognition system will use light from your own phone to help with the process.

You will situate your eyes into the circles on the phone’s screen and wait for the scan to complete. It is an unbeatable form of biometric identity verification, because the iris cannot be faked. Pictures can wear down. Our faces change over time. The eyes and the iris stay the same. So, once the scan is complete, you are in. Unless, of course, you are using someone else’s phone.


Benefits of Biometric Technology

There are so many benefits to using this technology. No one can fake your iris, so if you are using it for banking purposes, you never have to worry about anyone making a bunch of fraudulent purchases simply because they stole your bank card. Also, if you are private person, this technology will keep anyone from picking up your phone and reading whatever they want. If you have kids, you do not have to worry about your bill being ran up due to app downloads or gem purchases from their favorite game.

This technology will likely spread to other sectors of the business world and already has in some airports and military bases. Banks may begin using this for ATM transactions. Businesses could use the technology for purchases when buying items at the mall or market. Police Officers could use the technology for citizen identification.

Passport information could be kept online, requiring a simple eye scan to verify who you are. The use for the technology is endless and there is no telling where it will be used next. If anything, it could limit the amount of stuff you have to carry around with you whenever going out of the house.