“Error: Insufficient Storage Available”, the error that I got when I tried installing Titanium backup *Root on my HTC Desire 310 Dual Sim. I have 300+ MB of available storage on my internal storage while I have 700+ MB of available storage on my external. And I am very frustrated because I can’t even install a 7.60 MB application.

Error Titanium Backup Root insufficient storage available

I tried everything like clearing cache and data and uninstalling updates of Google Play services and Google Play Store but no luck. I spent hours of researching for answers but still no luck. What I did is I tried to install other app, for example Google+, with a size of 24+MB.

I am surprised that the 24+MB of Google+ was successfully installed while the 7.6 MB of Titanium Backup *Root was not. Therefore I conclude that there is no problem with Google Play services and Google Play Store. It has something to do with the Titanium files itself.

So if you’re having a bad time installing Titanium Backup *Root on your Android device, you’re lucky that you landed on the right page. Today I will teach you how to fix insufficient storage available while installing Titanium Backup Root. We just only need to delete the file com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup-1.odex from /data/app/. How? Follow the step by step tutorial below:

Fix “Error: Insufficient Storage Available” while installing Titanium Backup Root

1. Download ES File Explorer Manager or any app that has root explorer functions. I recommend using this app because it has a lot of functions like sharing files between PC and Android using wi-fi, Root Explorer functions, Recycle Bin, Music Player and more!

2. Open ES File Explorer and go to Settings > Tools > and Enable Root Explorer functions(skip if already enabled).

Enable Root functions on ES File Explorer

3. Go to /Device > data > app. Note: May differ from every type of Android device.

Go to Device Data App

4. Look for com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup-1.odex and delete that file.

delete com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup-1.odex

5. Go to Google Play Store again and install Titanium Backup *Root and viola, successfully installed.

Successfully Installed Titanium Backup Root

TIP: You can also do this method on other applications whenever you encounter this kind of error.

How about you? Do you successfully installed it on your own or did I miss something? Please also comment below if ever you encounter this and managed to install successfully the Titanium app using other method. It is very much appreciated if you share it to others.

Photo credit: HTC One (M8) via photopin (license)