Download facebook videos without any third party apps 2016

Download Facebook Videos on Android without Third Party Apps 2016

One day when I browse my Facebook, I came across…

- July 2, 2016
Google Calendar

How to sync Facebook Events to Google Calendar 2017

We all know that Facebook is the biggest social site…

- January 15, 2016
Change Default Font Featured Image

How to change the default font of any Android Phone

We all know that the default font of Android phones…

- June 15, 2015
Holding a Tablet

How to select the best tablet for your usage

You will find many types of tablets on the market.…

- June 6, 2015
Delete Key

Recover Deleted files on Android

Every once in a while, you might get into this…

- April 28, 2015
Android Phone Google Apps

Fix Too Many Pattern Attempts Error

We are living in the era of Smartphones. Now a…

- April 23, 2015
HTC Phone

[Solved] Insufficient Storage available while installing Titanium Backup Root

"Error: Insufficient Storage Available", the error that I got when I…

- April 6, 2015
Backup Android Phone

How to Backup Android Phone

These days, smartphones are just as important as our computers.…

- March 23, 2015
Share Files Between Android Phone and PC Desktop

How to share files between Android and PC

Traditionally, when you share files between android phones and desktop PC,…

- March 9, 2015
AdFree - Best Ad Blocker for Android

Best Ad blocker for Android Device Root Required

There are lots of websites and apps which provides free services,…

- March 3, 2015
Convert Webpage into PDF on Android without add-on

How to convert webpage into PDF in Android?

Whenever I'm searching for something, I always prefer to convert…

- March 2, 2015
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