We store a lot in our phone didn’t we? Some of them are personal photos, videos, files, and other thing. You don’t want them to see some private files when you give you phone to your friend or when they borrow your phone. And you are worrying that you didn’t hide folders, photos, videos and other files in the first place.

But don’t worry now because in this article, we will teach you on how to hide folders, photos, videos or anything you want with or without apps that is working on 2016. Since your android user, your phone has a lot of options to hide folders and files without rooting your phone.

Just follow the steps below. The first method is the trick to hide folders without app. The second one is hiding files with third party app. And you don’t worry because the methods below are fried and toasted(tried and tested) by me. So are you ready? Let’s start.


Hide Folders, Files, Photos and App 2016 – No Root require

Method 1: Without App

  1. Go to your File Manager and create new folderHide Folders, Files, Photos, Videos - Open File Manager - Create New Folder
  2. Now it’s time to name our hidden folder. Put any name you want, for example secretfolder, and the most important is the dot “.” at the beginning. So your hidden folder should be .secretfolder“. When you put dot “.“, a pop up message will appear. File will be hidden if its name starts with ‘.’.Create hidden folder
  3. Now our folder was — obviously hidden. To show hidden folders, follow steps in the screenshots below.Show Hidden Files
  4. All of the hidden files in our Android Phone starts with ‘.’ and all hidden folders, if you try to show them, are all grey out.Hidden Folder
  5. So, now you hide folders without using any third party app. Now the second part is using an app to hide folders, photos, videos or anything. Don’t forget to hide back the hidden folders.Hide Hidden Folder and Files
  6. Now you have a question in your mind. It’s only the folder, how about pictures and videos? How to hide them without app? Simple answer: Just put your photos and videos inside the hidden folder and it will be hidden also. Don’t rename your photos and videos by putting ‘.‘ at the beginning just to hide it. Simply put all your files that you want to hide in the hidden folder and your good to go.


Method 2: Using third party app – Audio Manager

Audio Manager – The name itself is obviously not related to hide folders. And that is perfect because the app is disguise as Audio Manager on the front side and hide folders and files on the other side. You can also change the disguise screen to Currency Converter,  Daily Jokes or totally no icon at all. You can tweak it in the settings.

  1. Open Play Store app on your phone and search for Audio Manager. Install it.Install Audio Manager - Hide Folder, Photos, Videos - Hide it Pro
  2. Open the app and follow the instruction to setup the app. Choose between PIN or Password based lock screen.Setup Audio Manager - Hide it Pro
  3. Now it’s time to make some modification in the settings. To fully hide it, follow the steps. Open the app and input your PIN or Password. Mine was PIN. Click the Settings.Open Hide it Pro App
  4. Once in the settings, go to General Settings > Long press duration and choose 15 sec. After that, close the App then re-launch and test the settings. You can tweak other settings depends on your desireLong Press Duration Settings
  5. Now you can now hide folders, files, photos and videos. For example, to hide Pictures, go to Pictures Go to Pictures Folder
  6. Click the “+” sign to create new folder or you can just choose the existing(default) folderCreate or choose existing folder
  7. Click the “+” to select pictures you want to hide. After selecting the images, just click “Hide Selected Files”. And viola, you have successfully hide photos. Now you can do the same for Files, Music, Notes and Videos.


I hope this becomes informative for you. Thank you for visiting. Don’t be shy to leave a comment.



Photo Credit: Bad Robot! via photopin (license)