Google recently launches Google Allo: A smarter messaging app for Android and iOS based phone. Google Allo is the new messaging app which Google is hoping to compete with Whatsapp and other chattings apps especially with Apple’s Facetime.

Allo as well as Duo we’re first previewed at Google’s I/O developer conference last May 2016. Both of these apps got a positive comments due to their simplicity when it comes to text and video communication. Duo is the first one to released and now Google Allo is starting to roll.

Allo’s aim is to create a “smarter” messaging app that helps you not only to “say more and do more right in your chats” but also helps you to make “plans, find information and express yourself more easily in chat”. Google also noted that the more you use this app, the more it gets better over time.

So what’s so especial about Allo?

Google Allo 4 Key Features

1. Smart Reply

Google Allo Smart Reply
/ © Google
  • Unlike SwiftKey that predicts text when you type, Smart Reply analyzes the content of the conversation and will predict and suggest  what you need to reply to save time and trouble of typing it yourself. So for example, if your friend ask you and type “Are you on your way?”, Google Allo will suggest “yup” or “nope”. Smart Reply suggest not only in text base but also in photos. For example, if your friend sends you a cute little dog, Smart Reply will suggest “aww cute!”.


2. Custom stickers, photos, and emojis

photos, emojis and stickers
/© Google
  • Google Allo is packed with 25 custom stickers on their initial release which Google created in collaboration of different artists all around the Globe. You can insert pictures, stickers and emoji which your conversation make livelier and make more happier. This emojis can be made larger or smaller in size by dragging the “send” button up or down to intensify the conversation.


3. Google Assistant

Google Allo - Personal Assistant
/© Google
  • Google also added the preview version of Google Assistant. You can ask whatever you want with Google directly into the chat by typing @google. You can ask and chat your assistant as long as you want without leaving the app. Google also noted major functions of Google Assistant which can help you:
    • Make plans with friends. You can easily move from discussing dinner with friends to making plans for the night, right in your chat. Just add the Assistant to your group chat and ask for movie times, local restaurants and more. You can also research travel destinations, flights and hotels together with friends.
    • Get answers. Get the latest info on everything from news, weather, traffic, sports, or your upcoming flights status. Ask the Assistant to send you daily updates on the information you care about.
    • Have some fun. Ask your Assistant to share that funny YouTube video or play games with friends right in your group chat — for instance you can compete to guess a movie title based on a series of emojis.


4. Incognito Chats

Incognito Chats
/© Google
  • With the world into internet today, all are concern with privacy and security and Google takes this seriously in Google Allo. As per Google, all chat’s in Allo are encrypted using industry standard like  Transport Layer Security (TLS). However, when you chat in incognito mode, all chats and messages are not only have end-to-end encryption but also have additional privacy features like discreet notifications and message expiration.


When can I try Google Allo?

You can download Google Allo from Google Play and Apple’s App Store but it is not avaliable to everyone. Just like before, Google says “the app will be available worldwide in the next few days”. However, you can pre-register on Play Store to get a notification once it’s downloadable on your device. You can read more about Google Allo on the official Google blog here.



Featured Image: /© portal gda