Facebook has become part of our daily lives. It becomes our daily provider of news, current events, updates from our friends, families and almost everything evolves to Facebook. But let me ask you, how can you sure your Facebook account is safe? — really? Are you confident with just your password? What if you’re login from different PC or web browser with keylogger on it?

Strong passwords are effective by including special characters on it. It is the first layer to secure our Facebook accounts. But no matter how strong your password, if there is a keylogger on it,  your Facebook account will be compromised.

You can prevent this by adding second “extra” security layer to your Facebook account through Facebook code generator. This extra security layer is a special code needed to login to your Facebook account.

How to get Facebook code generator for Android

How it works?

This second “extra” security layer is what we call, Login Approvals. This login approval is a code either texted to you from Facebook or generated from your Android mobile phone but we will focus on the latter. Supposedly your Facebook account was compromised and they login from unknown browser and location, if you previously setup this extra security layer, they need to enter the code generated from your mobile device.

In short, they cannot easily login your Facebook account even if they had your email and password as they need to enter the approval code.

Interesting? Wanna know how to set it up? Follow the steps below.


Setup Facebook code generator for Android

Method 1: Thru Facebook Built-in Code Generator

  1. First, we will need to make sure that you clear all your historical logins of your Facebook account. On your PC, login to your Facebook account then go to Settings > Security
  2. On “Your Browsers and Apps”, remove all except current device.
  3. On “Where You’re Logged In”, end all activity including Messenger, Mobile browser, etc. except current session.
  4. On “Login Approvals”, enable it by checking. Then click “Get Started”. Enabling Login Approvals
  5. Choose Android, iPhone or iPod Touch. Then click Continue.
  6. Then a popup will show. Follow the instructions there before clicking “Continue”Facebook Code Generator Popup Instructions
  7. After you follow the instructions above, it’s time to click “Continue”. Then Test the code. Input the code from Facebook Code Generator.
  8. If everything’s ok, you will get the same results as the screenshot below.Facebook code generator finish setup
  9. A prompt will appear saying “Alternate Security Code Delivery”. You can set it up by entering your mobile number.
  10. Now to avoid charges, go to ‘Notifications’ settings, then turn off Text Notifications then click “Save Changes”Facebook Text Notification


Method 2: Thru third party app – Google Authenticator

  1. If you followed the instructions above, this method is easy for you. Click “Set up another way to get security codes”.  A popup will appear like the image below.Facebook code generator - Google Authenticator
  2. On your phone, go to Google PlayStore. Download and install Google Authenticator.
  3. Open Google Authenticator, click : > Set up accountFacebook code generator - Google Authenticator Android Setup
  4. If you choose “Scan a barcode”, you will need to download a barcode scanner. However, you can use “Enter provided key” (I prefer to use this than to download unnecessary apps)
  5. Enter your Facebook Name(or you can use any name you want), and Enter key provided in Step 1 image. Then press “Add”Facebook code generator - Google Authenticator Manual Set up
  6. Then you will see codes appearing in Google Authenticator. Enter the code provided by Authenticator to Security Code field as indicated in Step 1 image. If everything’s fine, then you will get a successful messageFacebook code generator - Google Authenticator successful


Test it out

Now that we have setup different methods to get Facebook security codes, it’s time to test it out. Logout from Facebook then clear all cache and cookies or your can simple press Shift+CTRL+N to go to incognito mode. Login to Facebook then you will be directed to check point. Enter any codes either from the two methods that we have setup, then choose ‘Save Browser’ then press ‘Continue’

Facebook Checkpoint


I hope this tutorial helps you from setting up Security Codes thru Facebook Code Generator. If ever you encounter an error or you need help, just comment below. 🙂