Learn how to add or get Android Recycle Bin to your smartphone using Dumpster App and ES File Explorer App.

If you’ve been using a PC or computer, you might have heard of Recycle Bin for Windows or Trash Can for Mac users. This recycle bin is the place or location of the files that you have deleted.

Whats good about this feature is that you can restore files anytime if needed or if you accidentally delete a file such as important documents, photos or videos.

This feature has been enjoying by PC users for years now but when it comes to mobile platform, this is nowhere to be found.

Trash Cab
I just want to share this beautiful trash can – CTTO

If you’re using your Android smartphone for a while and if you accidentally delete an important file in your phone, you cannot bring it back or restore since Android phones have no built-in Recycle Bin.

Except that you have a cloud backup, you can never, ever restore a file from Android phone but luckily we have the option to add recycle bin using a third party software.

So, stop worrying now because we’ve got your back. In this article we will show you two(2) ways on how you can add or get Android Recycle Bin to your smartphone for FREE..

Android Recycle Bin: How to have it in 2 ways for FREE

1. Using Dumpster App

Dumpster is a free app which you can use to add Recycle Bin. It works just like the recycle bin on your computer and you don’t need to root your phone when using this app.

It gives you the ability to recover deleted files such as Images(jpg, png, tif), Videos(mpeg, avi, mp4), Audio(mp3,wma,ogg), your important Documents(pdf, doc, ppt) and other files such as zip, rar, apk and many more.

FREE Android Recycle Bin - How to have it using Dumpster

You can manually delete files from Dumpster or automatically purge it in a given time like 1 week, 1 month or 3 months.

You can also protect deleted files by restricting access using lockscreen. Another feature is that you can save storage space by backing deleted files to cloud. However, these two features are for premium only.


2. Using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is FREE app which you can use to manage your files and folder easily and effectively in a local or even in network use to share files without spending a dime.

I’ve been using ES File Explorer for years now and I’m really satisfy about this app. I have used it in many applications such as sharing files between Android and PC and viewing of saved Wi-Fi passwords in Android phone.

Well, that’s not all that this app can do. In fact this app has a lot of hidden features especially when you root your phone. However, you don’t need root access to have Android recycle bin using ES File Explorer app


Into you!

Having a recycle bin like Dumpster or ES File Explorer in your Android smartphone is good. You can easily restore intentionally or accidentally deleted files with just a simple click.

However, using this app means, you’re aware that this will eat your storage. What I mean is that, we are deleting files to increase storage space on our Android phone, right?.

But when you use recycle bin, you are not actually deleting it. It’ just simply moving the file to a new location which you can access anytime and that is what we called ‘Recycle Bin’.

How’s this process to you? Did we help you in some ways? Feel free to leave a feedback in the comment section below.