Being an Android fan, we sometimes install some apps that we don’t know safe. These apps are installed on our device without knowing that we risk our device to harmful virus. In the worst case, it could brick our phone and sometimes, there is no other method than flashing.

Last week, I brick my HTC Desire 310 Dual sim phone because I experimented something. I tried to reset it, wiping dalvik cache, re-formatting but unfortunately, these method does not work and I had to do my last resort — flashing.

So in this article, I will teach you on how to flash HTC Desire 310 dual sim using SP Flash Tool. If you have different phone, you can search the stock firmware of your phone and use this as a guide. Just follow the method below to unbrick your phone.

How to flash HTC Desire 310 dual sim using SP Flash Tool


  1. SP Flash Tool
  2. Stock ROM:
    • Uni Sim(Unfortunately the link is dead, still searching for another link)
    • Dual Sim
  3. Drivers (rar password: )

Step by step method:

  1. Create a SP flash Tool folder in drive C:\ and unpack the contents of SP Flash Tool and the Stock ROM.
  2. Create a folder called ROM then moved the other files of the stock ROM, except from database folder, to ROM folder. It should look like this.How to flash HTC Desire 310 dual sim using SP Flash Tool
  3. Install the driver by connecting your phone to computer while turned off. When the battery charging percentage shows, disconnect it.
  4. Go to Device Manager. Click view then Show Hidden Devices
  5. Go to Ports and look for grey out Mediatek Preloader. Right click it, then update driver.Updating driver
  6. Open SP Flash Tool then run flash_tool.exe with administrator rights. Click Options.
  7. In Connection settings, choose High Speed and w/o battery. (Optional) Go to Download Settings, check DA DL All with Checksum then close the Option menu.
  8. Go to Download Tab. In Download Agent, browse and choose DA_SWSEC.bin from SP Flash Tool folder.
  9. In scatter-loading file, browse and choose MT6582_scatter_1.01.862.1.txt for UNI Sim, and MT6582_scatter_1.00.1136.5.txt for DUAL Sim located in the ROM folder.
  10. Under scatter-loading file, choose Download Only in the drop down arrow.
  11. Then uncheck PRELOADER. If everything is fine, then it should look like this:All settings are done. Ready to flash
  12. Click Download(Green arrow). Turn off the phone and removed everything( battery, SIM, sd card )
  13. Connect the phone while holding the volume down button. IMPORTANT!
  14. If the flashing starts, you can let go of the volume button. If you got an error then try in other usb port then repeat step 13.flashing phone
  15. Wait for a while and if it succeed, you will have the same result like in the picture below.Finish flashing


Congratulations. You now have successfully flash HTC Desire 310 dual sim using SP Flash Tool and  successfully unbrick your phone. If you need assistance or any feedback, just leave a comment below.


Required files SP Flash tool and Stock ROM download links, credits to MalekJandali of xda forums.