Last time we talk about on how to backup SMS, MMS and call logs to GMAIL and so far, it’s working for me. The sms are uploaded to my gmail account. Really! You should try that.

Anyway, what we should talk now is about Facebook Messenger. I’ve been using Facebook Messenger for a while now and so far I’m enjoying it especially with a the huge number of stickers to choose from.

However, last week I have problems with the stickers. Some of the Facebook Messenger stickers are not showing in the thread just like the image below.

Facebook Messenger Stickers not showing Fix


I’ve tried to search for solutions but I can’t find one and all I saw was the people complaining the same. However, after some experiment, I found a simple solution to fix this. So let’s start.

Fix Facebook Messenger Stickers not showing

1. Check for updates

  • Whenever I have problems with my phone I always check for updates first. Some instances may solved the issue just by updating.
  • Go to your Settings > System Updates (The settings will vary from phone to phone. Just look for settings and all will be there). If your phone have updates, update it. Simple.
  • Next Go to Play Store, click the three parallel horizontal lines in the upper left side the click My apps & games. Then update all your apps.Check for Updates
  • After that, check your Messenger if it solved the problem. If not, continue to next steps.

2. Clear Cache and Data

  • This will solve most of the issue pertaining to Android apps, this is because of the cache data stored and for some reasons, the device does not properly render the content or stickers.
  • So to clear the cache data of an app, go to Settings > Apps > Messenger > Storage > Clear DataClear Cache Data
  • Again the settings will vary from phone to phone. If you need assistance, just comment below.
  • After that, you need to login again to Messenger.
  • And viola! You have successfully fixed Facebook Messenger Stickers not showing.Solved Facebook Messenger Stickers not showing


Into You!

This is pretty simple steps to fixed some common problems we encounter in our Android devices app. You just need to check for updates and clear the data.

I hope this solves your problem and I’m really glad if you post your experience on this on our comment section below.

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