Smartphones are very useful in our daily lives. High end smartphones like HTC One, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 have bigger screens and offering lots of features and functionality but they don’t have unlimited battery life. Those features and functionality will be useless if your battery drains very quick.

My own android phone, HTC Desire 310 Dual Sim, won’t last a day but when I tried some tips on how to save battery on android phone, my phone last until on the next day with at least 30%-50% of battery. And today I will share the tips and tricks that help me to improve my phones battery life.

So if you’re wondering how you can improve your Androids battery life, follow the tips below on how to extend the battery life of android phones.

Tips to extend the battery life of Android Phones?

1. Lower your brightness setting

Brightness is one of the major factor for battery drain. You can set it to Automatic which automatically adjust brightness based on light environment but I prefer to manually adjust it because sometimes auto-brightness is brighter than I need. You can manually set it between 20-30% whatever you are comfortable with.

How to extend the battery life of android phones by adjusting screen brightness

2. Don’t wait too long

Set your Sleep time or auto-lock to the lowest time as much as possible. This is one of the major factor of battery drain. Too much time that the screen is on while you’re not doing anything on your phone sucks a lot of battery. On my HTC phone, 15 seconds is the lowest standby time(may vary from different phones).

Adjusting the Standby Time

3. Turn off unnecessary radios

Mobile Data, 3G, 4G/LTE, WiFi, GPS, Bluethooth are all sucking up your battery when enabled. Disabling this when not in use will help you improve your battery, unless you really need it. Mobile Data consumes a lot of battery compare to WiFi and Bluethooth so be sure to turned this off and you save not only your battery but also turning off push notifications from facebook, Twitter and Email which also eats up battery.

Disable Wireless

4. Don’t use live wallpaper and widgets

Live wallpapers and widgets are fun and adds visual looks in our smartphones but it consumes extra battery. I always use static wallpapers and I don’t use widgets such as Weather, news, social widgets and email widgets. If you are like me that prefer performance than visual looks, then this is the time to turn these off.

Don't Use live wallpapers to save battery

5. Manually update your apps

Set Google Play settings to Do not auto-update apps. By doing so helps you to minimize running apps that are updating in the background. I always manually update my apps because when it set to automatic, all of the apps are updating even though some of them are not used.

Disable Auto-Update of Apps

6. Limit the apps running in background

You can stop apps running in background that you don’t use by going to Settings > Apps > Swipe to the Left – Running. Tap apps one by one and click stop.

Limit the Apps Running in Background

7. Don’t use Battery Saver apps

Battery Saver apps are no good. They are not only using your battery but they also eating up your memory by dynamically checking for unused apps. Instead, use your built-in battery saving mode if your phone supports it.

Don't use Third Party Battery Saver App. Use your Built in Battery Saver App instead.

8. Buy a Portable Power Bank

If you cannot afford to loose those cool features of your brand new smartphone, then buy a portable Power Bank with at least 20,000 mAh. It will cost you around $30-$50. 

Buy Power Bank


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