Antivirus is an integral part in any computer system. As its name suggests, it protects a system from external attacks in the form of virus, spyware, malware, Trojans, etc. Truly, in everyday life, people can’t think using a desktop or laptop without an antivirus software. It creates a shield so that the system remains unaffected and one can enjoy a smooth ride in the Internet highway.

Data are kept secured same as other important aspects. Antivirus applications also do update in the regular course of time to add newer virus related information in their database, so it is often prescribed to keep updating the existing antivirus software without any delay.

Do we Need Antivirus for Android

Is antivirus necessary for android?

Can an Android Phone get a virus?

Antivirus in Android platform is something different from the traditional concept of computers. As per records, android systems are less prone to be attacked compared to desktop and laptop. And this is the biggest advantage of Android-enabled smartphones.

The internal structure of this new age mobile operating system is a secured one and Google has not left any stone un-turned while developing this operating system. Google has repeatedly mentioned in various statements that android does not need any kind of anti-virus app as they have attached a special security platform whenever one uses its Play Store.

Google’s security services are designed to provide maximum protection to the smartphones, hence there is a very low risk of affecting an android phone. Like any system, smartphones can be affected by virus or malware and that is why Google has taken such preventive measures.

How to know if your android phone has virus

Virus and malware applications slow a mobile, so if a user experiences slower operation all of a sudden, then it might be due to the presence of some virus or malware into the system. This slowdown is significant in the context of mobile operation and the same can be felt while adding pictures or browsing the gallery or to open an app.

Even the settings can also be changed due to the presence of the virus inside a smartphone. It is the fact that hardly 1% android phones are affected by the virus, so it hardly happens to a user. Still, if one finds his smartphone is not behaving in the same way as before, then the phone might be infected by some external applications. In such cases, an antivirus will be the ideal choice.

How to know if your Android Phone has Virus

How to overcome such situation

Google has included its own security solutions with its android OS and it is being updated in a regular interval. With newer version like Lollipop, the security threads have become stronger to prevent any external attack. Still, an antivirus application can help users to prevent any unwanted malware to make damages.

In this circumstances, the question naturally arises, do we need antivirus for android? There are several reputed anti-virus apps those are exclusively designed for android driven smartphones. Especially, if the phone is used for any financial transactions like mobile banking or else, then the presence of an anti-virus application greatly helps in data security.

This truly can give a boost to the morale of any user and also will prevent any malware to function in the smartphones.


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