Android is the latest buzz in the town and with its introduction, smartphones have reached a new level that none can ever think of. Android has become immensely popular due to its smooth design, nice interactions, user-friendly operating system, and attractive look. Over the years, Android is in the news for its newer updates and obviously in what aspects the newer one is better than the older version. Android has released its latest version name Lollipop and it differs in many aspects than its previous versions, KitKat. Here are those major differences between KitKat and Lollipop:

Differences between KitKat and Lollipop

1. Material Design

Android has emphasized a lot in terms of design in its new version 5.0. Google has worked on the material design for some time and now seems it has finally settled in Lollipop version. The material design reflects better visualization and animation than previous KitKat.

Although the flat interface is there since KitKat, but bright colors, super flat and card based designs are the trademark of Lollipop.

Differences between KitKat and Lollipop

2. Notifications

Notifications are a revelation in Android Lollipop. It has been significantly improved since KitKat version. Notifications can be seen without unlocking the screen and the messages can even be replied also. Notifications are now richer, interactive & descriptive.

One can even accept or reject a call while playing an interesting game and all these features are very much consistent. The locking screen became much more advanced in KitKat with the presence of the camera button shortcut. Lollipop adds another more by adding a dialer shortcut also in the lock screen which is not present in KitKat version.

Even Android Lollipop has a special silent mode in the form of “DO not disturb” where the phone can really be silent at specific times if configured. Even the quick setting bar also has more options for location, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, flashlight, hotspot, etc.

Unlike KitKat where notification is not so much or organized (although efforts have been made and is better than Jelly Bean), but Lollipop notifications are simply superb.

3. Connectivity

Connectivity got a different dimension in Android Lollipop with the compatibility of Android TV with this latest update. The latest Android version 5.0 is at par with all the devices, starting from smartphones to tablet, from TV to wearable device.

With 4G on the stands, Lollipop is capable enough to adjust with the new generation of communication. Google even enhanced the Bluetooth & Wi-Fi features in Lollipop. Wi-Fi in lollipop can only connect to an external and untrusted network if and only if the connection exists.

This is a major breakthrough than KitKat where the actual connection is not verified. Nearly 5000 new API’s have been incorporated into the Android Lollipop version and it has made Android more versatile than KitKat.

4. Enhanced Security

Android Lollipop has some new security features which are particularly helpful for better encryption. Encryption has been turned on for all lollipop devices. It has added some protection against malware. For that SELinux has been enforced for all the applications.

A new settings menu has replaced the earlier one of KitKat and multiple user profiles are now supported in a single device. That even includes temporary guest profiles and it will be immensely helpful to share the phone with others despite maintaining own control. These features were not in KitKat and surely Lollipop has been able to add such great stuff.

Android Performance

5. Performance

Google has made lollipop more advanced than KitKat, so the performance of any lollipop enabled device is far better than others. KitKat’s optional ART is now the de-facto standard for lollipop 5.0 and it helps to have a smoother experience than before.

Processors in lollipops are consuming lesser power and providing more battery life. Also, it supports RAW images and its multitasking feature truly makes a lollipop enabled smartphone more advanced one. With phones are coming up with higher RAM, Lollipop devices are ready to perform much better than the KitKat ones.


There remains several other small differences between KitKat and lollipop and considering those one can easily say that lollipop is truly meant for the next generation smartphone experience. Although research & development is going on and Google is committed to providing best experience in android smartphones, but till now, surely Lollipop has a clear edge over the KitKat version.

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