Every app that you have in your Android phone, either it is built-in app or you install it yourself, can sometimes misbehave. You may have given advice or you read it somewhere else that you need to “clear app cache” or “clear app data” on your phone if you have problems either on the device itself or in some specific app. These two are thought to be the miracle solution to Android but what’s the difference between these two?

What is “clear app cache”?

A cache is basically a temporary storage area of an application to a device while it’s running. It can store different kinds of files such as images so that they don’t need to be downloaded every time you visit the same page or website, thus reducing the amount of data and speeding up the loading time.

Clearing the app cache doesn’t really have much impact on users perspective. For instance, if you clear app cache, it will just re-download again the images or files needed for a certain page. However, it will take some time(but not so long) to load the page especially when your on weak data spot or your internet is slow.

In general, clearing the app cache shouldn’t be a problem at all as apps and websites have a mechanism to regenerate the loss data and store it again to the cache. Traditionally, clearing the app cache is the most common way of regaining some space on your Android phone.

If you want to clear app cache all at once, go to Settings > Storage > Cache Data then click OK. If you want to clear individual app cache, go to Settings > Apps then choose the app scroll down a little bit and click “Clear cache”.

Clear App Cache

What is “clear app data”?

Clearing the app data is a little more substantial. You’re wiping the cache as well as the data that goes along with the app. Unlike clearing the app cache which only clears the temporary files, clearing the app data wipes it all including preferences, user data, databases, login information, etc. Clearing the app data will basically revert back to its state when you first installed it.

For example, if you clear the cache of Google Chrome app, it doesn’t have any effect at all. However, if you clear it’s data, your bookmarks including your account settings and history will be wiped out. For instance, if you clear the Facebook app data, then you need to login again and it will load slower than before.

Clear App Data

When to clear cache or data?

So the most awaited question, when you should clear cache or data? Chances are, you don’t really need to clear app data. There are few instances that you really need to clear the app data when the app is troublesome or you need it to remove and re-install again.

In general, you will most likely be use to clear app cache especially when you are lacking space storage. But in some modern phone today, you don’t also really need it because there is enough storage nowadays. Unless, you’re a  hardcore user!


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