We all know that the default font of Android phones are terrible. They are not attractive at all. What if there is a chance to change the default font of your Android phone to your favorite one? For your information, there are a lot of methods to change the default font of Android Phones.

We will let you know the easiest and fool-proof methods here for you. Some methods require rooted device on the contrary, some don’t. Here we will uncover all of the ways to change the default font on your Android Phone.

Ways to change the default font on your Android Phone

1. For Non-rooted devices:

This method is not available on all of the Android mobile brands. Only some manufacturers give this privilege to the users like Samsung, HTC and LG. But, if your phone does have the feature to change the default font, then you can try this method out.

Again, this method varies from phone to phone. We will describe all of the ways to change your Android phone’s font.

Method 1.1:

  • At first, go to the ‘Settings‘ of your phone
  • Then navigate to the ‘Device‘ option from the settings
  • After that, you will find the ‘Font‘ option
  • Tap on ‘Font style‘, there you will find only the default font
  • To find more fonts, you have to tap on ‘Get fonts online
  • Then you can easily install any of the fonts and set that as your new font

Method 1.2:

If you have not found the Font style option following the instructions above, then you should follow the directions below.

  • Go to ‘Settings‘ of your phone
  • Then tap on ‘My device
  • Then navigate to the option ‘Display
  • There you will find ‘Font‘ option
  • Tap on the option ‘Font Style
  • After that, just tap on ‘Get fonts online‘ and install any of the fonts you like

Method 1.3

If you don’t have the options listed on the 2 method above, you can try installing a custom launcher like Go Launcher.

  • Download and Install Go Launcher from Play Store.
  • Open Go Launcher after installing or go to your Home then press and hold for about 2 seconds anywhere on the space on the screen then the menu will pop-up.Change font with Go Launcher
  • Click Go Settings then choose Font > Select Font
  • Then a Menu will pop-up. You can choose “Scan Font” to scan additional fonts or choose any of the fonts available.


Remark: All of the fonts will not be free, you might have to pay for some of them. But, if you don’t want to spend money to buy fonts, then heed to the next part of the article.

2. For Rooted Devices:

If you have not been successful by following the methods above, then you can try this method. But, you will need to root your phone. For your information, this method is 100% free of cost. So, you will be able to install any of your favorite fonts for free.

On this part of the article, we will introduce you to a Font installer app from the app store. And we will describe the ways of using the app to change your Android’s default font.


2.1 Changing Font with iFont

To change your Android phones default font by this method, you have to use a software named as iFont. You will get it on Play Store.

  • At first, download and install iFont app.
  • Now, open the app on your Device
  • There you will get myriad of options to change  font of your Device

change the default fonts - ifont image 1

  • Tap on any of the language pack under the ‘online’ tab to open them. Each of the language pack will contain a number of different types of fonts.

ifont image 2

  • If you have chosen any font style, just tap on the name. You will be taken to a new page, where you will be able to see the preview of the particular font and few options like, ‘Download, ‘Return
  • Now, if you want to use the font later, then you can download it from the app by tapping on the’ Download‘ button

ifont image 3

  • Furthermore, You can directly install it as your new font after downloading by tapping on the ‘set‘ option

ifont image 4

  • Then, it will ask you for permission to change the font; tap on Ok

ifont image 5

  • At last, it will ask you to restart your phone. So, you should restart your phone and you will see that your phone has a new fancy look

ifont image 6

If you follow the steps carefully, then you would be able to install a new font on your phone. However, if you did not find your favorite font within the app (iFont) or you want to install a font manually, then you can follow the steps below.


2.2 Install Fonts Manually

  • At first, install the iFont app from Play Store
  • Then you have to put the specific font which you want to manually install, in any folder of your Android phone’s internal storage

Remark: You have to put the font in internal storage not in external storage. And the font’s name should have .ttf/.TTF extension

  • After doing that, open the iFont app on your phone
  • Then go to the ‘custom’ tab

ifont image 7

  • Then click on the ‘Click this’ option. It will take you to the internal storage of your phone

ifont image 8

  • Now, go to that specific folder where you have put the font earlier. I have kept it on the folder named ‘Fonts

ifont image 9

  • On the specific folder, you will see the font and tap on that font. It will take you back to the app

ifont image 10

  • There you can tap on ‘Set’ to set it as your new font. But you have to restart your phone to get the new font working

ifont image 11



On this article, we have tried to compile some of the easiest ways to change the default font on your Android phone. We hope that, by following those steps you will be able to give your Android Phone an attractive and fancy look. It is your time to try this out on your very own Android phone.




Photo credit: Sony Xperia Z3_7 via photopin (license)