Android has created the path for several others to create their own identity. Numerous companies have started to develop some useful apps for the android platform, a several individual came up with some brilliant startup ideas that got promoted through this platform and many more.

Another one, came into the limelight, is Cyanogen OS. And in a very short span, it gave the android run for its money due to the open platform standards maintained in Cyanogen OS. It is termed as an Open Operating System for the users, by the users.

All about Cyanogen OS

Cyanogen, in fact, supports the largest open source developer community in the android platform all over the world. Their aim is to provide some really useful and important customization in the smartphone as well as to increase the performance overall in the system. It gives special importance to the security related features and that is why,

Cyanogen is one of the most preferred operating systems of the world. Talking of customization, one will experience more freedom while working with his or her smartphone and this customization ranges not only from fonts to wallpaper, but also to the core of the things, like lock screen, icon customization, boot time animation, etc.

A unique option of creating one’s own theme is surely an added attraction in terms of customization is concerned and the custom control is one of the highlights of Cyanogen Operating System.

Smartphone with Cyanogen OS


Features & Performance

With features like privacy guard and pin scramble, Cyanogen OS is one step up over android and it is continuously working to produce newer technologies for the benefit of the users. With privacy control, you can have your authority regarding the sharing of your very own personal stuff and if you ever lose your phone in any location, it is just a click away to delete all your data in that phone.

Cyanogen OS provides a free flow experience with unparalleled quality and better battery life. The developers are doing their best for not only providing a vibrant display but also some core features of any operating system so that life becomes much easier while working with Cyanogen operating system enabled smartphones.

Trends & Future

Already some of the smartphones used Cyanogen as the operating system and naturally, they edge over other phones due to its remarkable features and rich security aspects. Users can operate cyanogen running phones more easily and can enter into the deep core.

Experts can tweak with root access like never before and can set up the phone as per the requirement. Cyanogen Operating systems has been introduced in smartphones like One plus One, YU Yureka based on the cyanogen mod source code. Users are exploring such options with great curiosity to unearth the true potential of an android phone by going into deep of it.

Root features are always of special attraction in any android phones and in most cases, users can’t enter into the core level. Only a few of debugging features are allowed and people have to bank on third party software to tweak the root. Cyanogen here comes with this unique advantage of root access so that one can truly configure the smartphone as per the requirement.



Photo credit: CyanogenMod 6 via photopin (license)