Box recently launches Box for Android 4.0 using their own SDK for development. Box is still around and the developers are still continuing to make improvements to meet our expectations  although being over powered by giant online storage like Google Drive and DropBox.

The developers of Box says they are re-examining the foundation and design of their mobile apps for the past year in order to create an enjoyable and more engaging user experience for all Android users to view, manage and create content. The box developers says they implemented Material Design as their common philosophy and they implement it at all layers of the app throughout it’s development. In this way, users will be more productive instead of figuring out how the interface works.

Box for Android 4.0 new interface and improvements

Box says they studied different types of people using their app and how those users work on their mobile phones to get things done. According to them, they found out commonalities regardless of user roles and goals which includes quick access to information right in their finger tips, ability to consume and respond on the go to the vital activities of the content.

Box says that they will continue to make improvements and will keep the app interface as simple as possible. Check out the preview video below of the new Box for Android 4.0. Download or update your Box




Featured image: Credits to Box for Android YouTube video