Best online storage free for Android, Free webstorage, Free cloud storage for Android. These are the common words that we type in the search engines when we are looking for an online file storage. Smartphone users are increasing day by day and the need for online storage grows rapidly.

We love to take pictures but mobile phones have limited storage. This has made online storage becomes a necessity for every smartphone users. With cloud storage, you can save your memorable photos, videos, movies and other files for free and access them anytime, anywhere.

If your reading this, you probably want to know the best online storage free for Android. Cloud storage services have different features and offers not only a simple online storage but they also offer security, multi-platform, app integration and more. Here, we list the best online storage for Android phones.

Top 5 Best Online Storage Free for Android

1. Mega

Mega was once a file hosting site After shutting down megaupload, it becomes an online storage service which you can avail a 50 GB storage for FREE. Mega offer a variety of features like PIN Lock, Auto-Upload and Rubbish Bin. You can upload not only photos but also videos.

Mega Best Online Storage Free


2. Google Drive

Second one is the Google’s own product, Google Drive. It offers FREE 15 GB storage that is shared across  their various services such as Gmail and Google Plus. Google Drive is a built-in app nowadays for Android Smartphones. If your a Google Fan, you should tried this out.

All you need is a Google Account which you can easily sign up for free. It has a lot of features such as viewing documents, PDF’s, photos and videos, easily share files with others, download documents for offline viewing and many more.

Google Drive Best Online Storage free for Android


3. Dropbox

If you want an online storage that can be accessed from either laptop or from the android enabled mobile phone or even from both, then Dropbox is the ideal application. One can use the web interface if he or she does not want to download the application.

Once downloaded and installed, Dropbox is the easiest tool to keep important files in the cloud. Any kind of file, be a photo or a video or any office documents, Dropbox is the ideal one and it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. If the system is offline, still the files are available to work. The free version provides a space of 2 GB and the paid one is literary unlimited.

Larger files are also easy to share and download. Automatic backup and photo organization segment are other rich features of Dropbox and with its unique file recovery option, one can safely store important data.


4. Box

Box is one of the best online storage free with secured content platforms that provides a good amount of storage in the virtual platform. It is secured and trusted my numerous people worldwide. One can easily access, share and protect personal data in a much efficient way.

10 GB of space is being provided free of cost for personal usage with the maximum upload size of 250MB per file. There are other paid plans and one can easily choose as per his requirement. Online storage is the new way of storing data so that it can be effectively used whenever required and this also acts as a secondary backup of some important data.

Box Storage


5. Mediafire

Mediafire gives you the liberty to store all your media files online so that anytime anywhere you can get those files. Mediafire is available in desktop, web and mobile version and one can share a good number of videos, photos, songs without any trouble.

It has a smooth interface and the operation is very simple. The design has been made in such a way that one can find it quite easy to upload and download files. Mediafire offers 50 GB of free space where one can easily have a backup of unlimited media files and photos.

Mediafire makes life better and shared folders are one of the rich features of it. There is a control panel from which one can decide who can view the file and who can edit the same. Data remains private always and several people use this feature to store important data without any question.





Photo credit: M2 vs CD via photopin (license)