If you’re looking for the best offline GPS Map Apps for Android phone this 2017, then this article is for you. Read why we chose this 5 offline GPS map

Android phones are the most happening items in these days. Everyone loves to use the smartphones for numerous advantages. There are millions of apps available in Google Play Store of various kinds – starting from business to education, from games to technology.

One such “must have” app is the “Map” app. Using a map app, one can easily locate a destination he requires, how to reach there and what are the facilities available in that area. Even Map application works in the background for various online cab operator who can pick up you by your geographical location using GPS technology.

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Numerous map apps are available in the market, both online and offline; here are the best offline GPS map apps available therein.

5 Best Offline GPS Map Apps for Android 2017

1. MAPS.ME – Map with Navigation and Directions

MAPS.ME is fast, freely available and totally offline map application which also provides in detail navigation. As this is an offline map, hence mobile data is saved. You don’t need to have an internet connection every moment and that is why it is very popular among the smartphone users.


Already 65 million people have downloaded this app and they do rely on this. All maps provided in this app are free of cost and it provides a detailed approach in terms of point of interest and other aspects. All the maps are up-to-date as thousands of contributors regularly working on it.

Despite it works in offline mode, this offline map is reliable and fast also. Although there are several GPS apps available in the market, still MAPS.ME is being regarded as one of the best offline GPS map apps on the Android platform.

2. HERE WeGo – Offline Maps & GPS

Using Here WeGo, one can have more options and less hassle in finding anything on a map. It offers free navigation as well as public transport support that people use it frequently.

HERE WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS

Here WeGo is the best option if you plan to move from one location to another. It will inform you about the bus ticket price, subway details and which roads are to avoid traffic congestion. This app is always there to guide you in its best capacity.

3. CityMaps2Go – Plan Trips Travel Guide Offline Maps

If you need to organize your trips with a to do list, then CityMaps2Go is the ideal choice for you. You can save your places and items using specific color codes which are a unique system in this offline map app. One can even discover travel ideas out of this GPS app and that is why it is under the best offline GPS map apps category.

CityMaps2Go Plan Trips Travel Guide Best Offline GPS Map Apps

One can simply download the app and start using it. It is totally free of cost and it covers the map of all over the world. In depth travel content is the main feature of this app along with other options like search, discover, trip plan, etc. As it is an offline map, hence mobile data consumption is very low and one can rely on this app for any sort of usages.

4. Sygic – GPS Navigation & Maps

Sygic is one of the most installed offline maps available in Android platform. It is very popular due to its free 3D offline maps that create a new dimension in the traditional map.

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

Sygic provides perfect real-time traffic information as several people are working in the background for data accuracy. Sygic can be very helpful for finding the best places in all terms.

5. TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

TomTom GPS navigator is best to find out the fastest route in any sort of journey. It provides real-time information despite being an offline map and shows building in 3D format for better viewing.

TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

This app is being considered as one of the best offline GPS map apps and millions of people have already downloaded it.

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Although there are thousands of similar apps available to download from the Internet, still, these are the best offline GPS map apps available nowadays for any Android enabled smartphone this 2017. Start using it from today.

Did we miss something? What’s your favorite offline GPS maps? Let me know in the comments below.