Strategy games do exist since primitive days. People always like to play strategy games to solve any hardcore issue. This is applicable for any form of games, be indoor or outdoor or even mobile games. Strategy games have taken a special place in the hearts of millions of game loving people due to its uniqueness.

Several chess or board games are termed as best ever strategic games in different era. Even a few card games also are very much popular in this segment. That zeal continues in android gaming platform too where one can beat his opponents by using brain and that is why, strategy games in android are also very much sought after among others.

To discuss about the 5 Best Free Strategy Games for Android this 2016, here are the top 5 games which have immense popularity across the world.

Top 5 Best Free Strategy Games for Android this 2016

1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is being termed as one of the best free strategy games  in android game market. It is not only an interesting game but equally challenging one to play and cruise through. In this game, players have to build their own village that can make them unbeatable. There is also a special segment where one can build his own army consists of archers, barbarians, dragons, wizards, hog riders and other powerful fighters.

Best Free Strategy Games 2016 - Clash of Clan 1

These features make this Clash of Clans game an irresistible one to play for numerous times. The players can fight with others spreading all over the world and can win trophies accordingly. Even, players can form a deadly team by combining with each other and can play this super exciting game.

The other important features include fighting against rival clans in some epic clan battles and can defend the village by using the combinations of trap, mortar, wall, tower and cannon. One can go all the way to fight against Goblin King in an encounter and the designing of own army using various combinations of hero, troops are very much possible.

Best Free Strategy Games 2016 - Clash of Clan 2

Clash of Clans is a free game in android platform and anyone can play this game after downloading from the Play Store. But there are some items which can be purchased, but those are optional. The user has full right not to use those paid services and for that a password protection is very much important. Clash of Clans doesn’t require any out of the world configuration in smartphone or tablet though one must have at least 13 years of age to download and play this strategy game. As per Google Play statistics, Clash of Clans is already having more than five million five star reviews that adds a special attraction in playing this strategy game.

In the new version of 8.332.16 updated by Supercell, numerous stability related improvements have been noticed and a lot of previous bugs were fixed. Also, several new levels have been added along with two new spells in the form of skeleton spell & clone spell. Two new troops namely miner & baby dragon have also been introduced off late and using all these, one can easily go for even some friendly challenges.

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2. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is another strategy game that can easily feature in our list of the 5 Best Free Strategy Games for Android this 2016. This strategy game is also adored by millions of users and young people often found playing this in their leisure time. This is a real time multiplayer game which is starred by the Royale, the most favorite character of Clash of Clans.

The main objective of this unique game is to collect and upgrade as many as cards. This involves the troops and spells of Clash of Clans. It deals with characters like Knight, Princess, Baby Dragon & others. The target remains to defeat King and Princess to win trophies as well as crowns and glory. One can easily form a clan for sharing cards in order to build his personal battle community.

Clash Royale 1

In Clash Royale game, players can play with one another in real time mode from any corner of the world. They can earn chests for unlocking rewards and can collect effective and powerful new cards for better performance. Even one can also upgrade the existing ones. A player tries to destroy towers of opponent team to win crowns. Eventually, the card collection is upgraded with lots of wins and one can easily construct his own battle deck for defeating opponents.

Clash Royale 2

The other objective of this game remains to form a clan for not only sharing cards but also to build one’s own battle community. In Clash Royale game, a player can challenge his clan mates as well as friends for a private dual and this is one of the most interesting part of this great strategy game. Even, using the TV Royale platform, one can learn several battle tactics which can be lethal while playing the real game.

In the latest updates, Clash Royale is equipped with a new feature called tournament where the battle goes on to win tournament trophies. One can climb high enough in the ladder board for earning huge tournament chests. New arena named frozen peak with 2300 trophies is a new feature and several cards can be balanced using the card balance option. Also four new cards have been introduced. Ice spirit as common card, Bowler as epic card and log & Lumberjack as legendary cards.

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3. Plant vs. Zombies

If you love to play with zombies, then this Plant vs. Zombies game easily can be termed as one of the best of the lot. The basic aim remains to kill as many as 26 types of zombies using several weapons like wall-nuts, cherry bombs, peashooters. If not, then these zombies will invade your property and will destroy everything. This strategy game has won more than 30 game of the year awards and that is why it is having huge demand in the play store market. There are 50 irresistible levels covering day, night mode and in various places like in swimming pool, rooftop, etc.

Best Free Strategy Games 2016 - Plant vs Zombies 1

Various forms of zombies are available in this game and each has their own unique characteristics as well as skills. So, in order to kill a zombie like snorkelers or pole-vaulters or even bucket heads, one needs special skill set in doing so. One requires to act in faster way to combat against such dreaded zombies.

Plant vs Zombies 2

A player needs to be very much careful while using limited seeds and greens. If not taken care, then zombies would love to eat plants to enter into the house. Even they can jump, swim, dance even run in the arena. A valuable trick of this game is more one fights longer, he becomes stronger. There are 46 great achievements in this game and one can cross more than 50 levels if he can proceed.

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4. Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike is being regarded as one of the best strategy games those are available in play store. War in modern perspective is the main theme of this action game and it involves sheer intelligence to fight against a powerful opposition. One needs to control his troops in such a way that he can demolish the external attack with his own force.

Mobile Strike 1

The action team must be brutal and lethal in order to finish off the opponents and in this game, team with more powerful strike will be the winner. A base is to be built with action control so that the war can be planned in a better way to fight against the enemies in the battlefield. There are powerful and modern assault vehicles in the arsenal and this intelligent game deserves a few tactical moves to wipe out fierce opponents.

Mobile Strike 2

The defense should be well constructed same as the front line must be equipped with best arsenal to fight against enemies. One can join with millions of players across the world and can have powerful alliances with other players so that strong opponents can be tackled. Building and customizing the base is very much important same as engagement of war machines on the battleground.

A player need to be adequately trained up to supply arms to commander in crucial time. The modern well equipped combat vehicles coupled with other strategic units and artilleries will enable a player to take on any opponent.

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5. Clash of Kings

If you are a die hard fan of action packed strategy games, then Clash of Kings perhaps a game that everyone loves to play. This is a real time strategy game which demands a lot of intellect and presence of mind. In this game, a player has to win a battle to build his own empire and can even control 7 kingdoms. This is a multiplayer game where several players can participate and play to win the battle.

Clash of Kings 1This game is particularly interesting to those players who loves to build a solid base and are ready to fight for kingdom. This multiplayer game will enable one to fight against any enemies spanned all over the world. Massive empires can be built by attacking and relinquishing enemies in a smarter way. Thus, you can be one of the most preferred fantasy heroes by acquiring as many as kingdoms possible.

Best Free Strategy Games 2016 - Clash of Kings 2

The main feature of this Clash of Kings game is running a king’s empire in adventure mode and that too using some real time techniques. Your army will fight hard against the empire of enemy and your target should be to conquer the empire. For that, one can deploy fighting army from any corner of the world and one needs to go up in the ranks to achieve kingdoms.

One needs to have a strong defense for his own castle and obviously an attacking force to fight against enemies. There are thousands of tricks that are needed to apply while fighting and the beautiful graphics used to made the fights as real life one. This is a free game however some game items can be purchased if needed.

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So, these are the  Top 5 Best Free Strategy Games for Android this 2016 and the most interesting part of it is, these games don’t require any extraordinary hardware configuration to play. For obvious reason, the graphics should be a better one and RAM must be on the higher side; but the quality of the display will mesmerize any player who will go to play this game for repeated times.





Featured Image Photo Credit: Lars Plougmann