If your smartphone is a bit old and not performing up to the expectation, then you must take action immediately. The requirement of a smartphone is very high in modern times and we can’t live for a few seconds without a phone. Replacing the phone with a new one is the last step to have a faster phone on your hand, but here are some best android tips to turn a slow phone in a faster one.

10 Best Android Tips to make your slow old phone faster

1 Uninstall apps that are not required

This is one of the best ways to speed up your android phone. At a regular interval, you should check which apps are not being used by you. The best practice is to uninstall those apps. Those used to have caches on your phone which slows the entire operation.

It automatically runs in the background in most of the cases and the performance of your smartphone slowly decreases due to those apps. You can’t uninstall the preloaded bloatware present in the phone unless it is rooted, but you can clearly take control of the apps you choose to install.

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2 Clean Cache & Temporary Files

Clear app cache and data on Android Phone
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Always clean your junk files, cache and temporary files in your smartphone. These files are generated when an app is running. Use any cleaning app that removes all temporary files, cache and junk files from your Android smartphone. Your system will be faster without any doubt.

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3 Turn off Auto Sync

Syncing is a constant process that an android system does whenever it is connected to the Internet. Several apps are there which requires syncing to produce the latest result. The sync process runs in the background and ultimately slows down the system. You need to turn on the sync feature when you needed so that the processor remains free to work.


4 Remove Launcher & Shortcut

The home screen is first to arrive, so it must be clutter-free. Less number of shortcuts do help a system to boot faster than others. Also, launchers take some portion of RAM which slows the entire operation.

Hence, one can avoid using launchers if he wants to have a faster android phone. Same in case of live wallpapers and excess use of widgets. They too occupy some space in the memory while running and it slows the phone.


5 Update Android

Installing system update

Newer versions of Android always give attention to some major issues like battery usage, memory management, and other features. So, updating to the new android version (if the phone supports) is an ideal option to get rid of several factors. The phone becomes faster in most of the cases and one experiences a smoother operation in new versions of Android.

6 Reboot the smartphone

Often rebooting the phone increases the speed. While working for a long time, it gathers several files which are not cleared in the process. But, it affects the performance of the phone and it becomes slower. Rebooting in those cases is ideal as it clears all the temporary files of the smartphone and gives you a fresh start.

7 Factory Reset

Doing a factory reset often helps a phone to be faster. A factory reset actually clears all the files and apps to return you to the state when you purchased it. System cache, partition cache, junk files, and folders are deleted automatically and the phone becomes faster.

Only thing is to install your favorite apps once again. A word of caution, perform a factory reset only after taking the data backup as everything is deleted from the phone and you might not have any chance to recover those lost files.

8 Free up Internal Storage

When internal storage is full or nearly full, the phone becomes slow. It hampers the performance of the phone as it needs a certain space in internal memory to work. You must have to free up space and delete those unwanted apps, photo, video, music from your internal memory to remove the lag. Then only you can experience a speed up in the performance

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9 Use the best Antivirus App

5 Best Antivirus Security Apps for Android 2017

You need to give total attention to the security of the smartphone. As it is connected to the Internet always, hence any spyware or malware might hit the phone. As a result, it will be slow to work. Use of a good antivirus app will help you to detect such attacks and you can also delete those threats without any hassle.

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10 Turn Off Animations

Animations do take a lot of space to perform. It looks great while playing but in the case of older phones, it is suggested not to use animations. Better to turn off the animation option if you want the performance from your old android smartphone. Turning off animations will enable you to have a faster phone and the battery life will also be extended in that case.


Do you own an old phone?

These are the general best Android tips that one can follow to make a slow old phone faster again.