There are lots of websites and apps which provides free services, downloads, software’s, contents and other free stuffs. But how do they earn? Yes you’re right, through ads. Ads are what pay to all website owners. Ads are placed on their website to earn income from you keeping their business alive.

However, ads are sometimes annoying and can lead to low user experience. It will, not only eat your phones memory, but it will also eat your bandwidth. In this article, I will show you on how to completely block ads with the best ad blocker for android phone.

Block ads with the Best Ad blocker for Android Device

The app that will block all ads and pop-ups for rooted phones is AdFree. From the name itself, it is 100% FREE. I’ve already use this for years now and I say, this is the best ad blocker for android device. This app blocks ads on browsers and on local apps however you need first to root your phone before you use this app. There are other ad blocker for android device which does not need a rooted phone, however, in my experience it does not completely block ads and pop ups.

So, let’s start to block ads. Just follow the guide below.

  1. Open your favorite browser and go to
  2. You don’t need to register. Just Click Download AdFree.Download AdFree - Best Ad blocker
  3. Look for adfree.apk and install.
  4. If it is block, just go to Settings > Security then check  the Unknown Sources to allow installation of non Google Play Apps.(Don’t worry this is 100% malware free)
  5. Once installed, open AdFree app then update if there is available update.
  6. Click Download & Install Hosts to activate ad block. (To disable, just click Revert)Download and Install Hosts Adfree
  7. Reboot/Restart your device to clear the DNS cache.
  8. And viola, your now completely AdFree. No more annoying ads and no more pop up ads. Thanks to AdFree.

before and after adfree


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