Most  Android users only install apps that are on Google Play Store so as to avoid infection of malware and virus. However, the potential of your Android phone goes beyond Apps from Play Store.

There are thousands of Android Apps that are uploaded everyday. Some of them are for apps and gaming and some are for hacking and cracking.

But there are apps that are not accepted by Google for some reason. Below are the top 10 banned Android apps that you won’t find in Play Store this 2019.

Top 10 Banned Android Apps that You Won’t find in Play Store 2019


1. AdClear Adblocker

AdClear Adblocker - One of the Top 10 Banned Android Apps you won't find in Play Store

This app was obviously blocked by Google from getting into their database. Basically, it blocks their customers’ advertisement from showing and Google doesn’t like that. Hence it was one of banned Android apps from Play Store.

AdClear is made by seven networks which block ads without rooting your phone.


2. Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework What it is and how to install it?

In a nutshell, Xposed Framework is a modification app for Android phone which lets you tweak your phone without touching any core files.

It becomes popular especially to Android root users who only need one or two tweaks instead of flashing a full custom ROM.

This framework has a lot of uses like saving battery life, changing battery icon, adding multi-user and much more. However, this requires a rooted phone and the device should run on Android 3.0 or later.


3. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher comes in handy when you want to remove the license, remove ads, patching or apk modification. This app lets you hack or crack any Android Apps or Games.

Due to its nature of use, Lucky Patcher is not lucky enough to enter in Google Play Store library. You need to be rooted in order to install and use this app effectively.

4. Tubemate Youtube Downloader

TubeMate Youtube Downloader

Another banned Android apps which come in handy is Tubemate Youtube Downloader. The title itself explains everything about this app.

Due to its violation of terms and conditions of Google, Tubemate is not available from Play Store. On the other hand, you don’t need to be rooted when using this app.

There are a lot of fake Tubemate apps on the internet today. Originally, Tubemate was made by Devian Studio and you should only download TubeMate apps from


5. Cinema Box App HD

Cinema Box App HD

You will love this app if you like to watch and stream anime, cartoons, TV shows and Movies in HD. You don’t need to spend another buck on Netflix to watch your favorite movies.

With Cinema Box, anyone can view, watch and stream movies, whenever they want, whenever they are.


6. Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground App

The official Amazon app is one of the most popular shopping apps that lets you surf and shop for anything online. However, if you’re still using it rather than Amazon Underground app, you’re missing it out.

Amazon Underground gives you the usual shopping experience along with exclusive access to Amazon Appstore. It includes a selection of $20,000 worth of apps and games available to download for FREE.


7. MiXplorer


In terms of file explorer, MiXplorer is one of the best.

It is a complete file explorer you can get outside of Google Play Store. This app includes built-in image and media players, integration with 19 cloud storage, support for compressed file formats and a powerful search function.

This app also includes text editor, root capabilities and a lot more features bundle in one powerful app. MiXplorer is free to use and anyone can download this app from the official thread in xda-forums.


8. F – Droid

F Droid App

If you cannot find the apps your looking for in Google Play, you might want to try F – Droid app. With this app, you can search, browse and install apps that are not listed in Google Play. You can even update the apps on your device.

But this app doesn’t consist of hacked or cracked apps, it’s just that it consist of open-source Android apps.


9.  AdAway

AdAway App

Just like Adclear Adblocker, this AdAway is also banned from Google Play Store since this app block their ads. There is nothing about seeing ads, but when it pops out too often, it can get annoying.

That’s when Adblockers do their job and AdAway is one of the best Adblockers for Android phone. However, you need to have root access on your device to use this app.

10. Mobdro

Mobdro App

Just like Cinema Box HD, Mobdro offer free video streaming service for Android users. Just like any other free service, this app consists of ads but you can opt for Premium version which you can capture streams, has no ads, and supports Chromecast.

To subscribe to Premium version, you need to install first the free version. Then inside the app. Just click “Go Premium” on the left corner.

So there you have it, our top 10 banned Android Apps that you won’t find in Google Play Store this 2019. If you want to add more banned apps, please leave a comment below and we will review it.