Last December 2016, I bought a new phone, which is Huawei P9 as a Christmas Gift to myself. Like any other people who bought new phone, I told to myself that I will not do my mistakes before like not backing up to the cloud such as pictures, contacts, sms and call logs.

So I use Google Hangouts to use as my SMS app because as far as I know, you can connect your gmail account and hopes to backup sms to gmail.

But when I’m about to test this, the sms are not really backing up. So I decided to try another and removed Hangouts on my phone and use the default SMS app for Huawei phone.

But my problem is how do I backup my sms to the cloud?

Luckily there is an app on Google Play Store which you can use to backup SMS, MMS and Call Logs to Gmail. So for today, I will teach you on how you can backup SMS to Gmail using SMS Backup + to keep your messages safe.

How it works?

Well, it’s simple. It creates a new label on your gmail, for example “SMS”, and upload all the conversation to that label. You can view this just like any other email.

The general setup is pretty simple and easy thing to do. The best thing is that it is 100% FREE(seriously!). All you need is an active gmail account, which of course you should have access to, an Android phone and the app itself.

So let’s get started and fire it up!

Backup SMS, MMS and Call Logs to Gmail

Step 1: Enable IMAP on your Gmail account

  1. Login to your Gmail account using desktop PC.
  2. Click the gear icon below your profile picture and click Settings.Enable IMAP on Gmail Step 2
  3. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and you should be able to see the IMAP access below.
  4. Under Status, click Enable IMAP and click Save changes after that.Leave other settings as is.

Step 2: Download SMS Backup + app

  1. On your Android phone, go to Play Store and search for SMS Backup +Download SMS Backup+
  2. You should be able to see it at the very top page. Click it and install it
  3. Once install open it but don’t backup immediately. Read the next steps below.

Step 3: Setting Up

  1. Once you open the app, you will be presented with the updates or like “What’s new?” in that version. Just press OK.
  2. Before you connect your account, click Advanced Settings then Backup Settings.
  3. Check all the first three: 1. Backup SMS 2. Backup MMS and 3. Backup Call log
  4. Next click SMS(Gmail label assigned to SMS). Add “+” so that it will become SMS+. Why? If your a hangouts user, it uses SMS label on your gmail account to store the chats conversation. So to prevent confusion and to distinguish it to other, I use SMS+ as my label.Setting Up
  5. Finally connect your gmail account by checking Connect. You need to authorize the app to allow access to your gmail account.
  6. After you connect your gmail account, it’s time to backup SMS. Just click Backup and give it a time. If you have a huge number of SMS like 5000+ text messages, it will take time to back it up. Don’t worry it’s for the best and trust me it works.

Step 4: Setting up Automatic Backup

  1. Check Auto Backup to automatically backup SMS, MMS and Call log in a given time frame.
  2. Click Auto Backup Settings.
  3. In Regular schedule, I choose 24h to save battery. You can choose whatever time you prefer
  4. In Incoming schedule, I choose Never. Why? Because I’m not a heavy user and the 24h regular schedule is enough for me. Like I said, you can choose whatever you prefer.Auto Backup Settings
  5. Leave other settings as is or you can choose and explore other settings. Most of them are self explanatory, so make sure you understand it.

Step 5: Checking if it really backup SMS to Gmail

  1. If you want to view the backup SMS, login to your Gmail account.
  2. On the left side, you will see the label that we created before. In my case, it’s SMS+
  3. Click it and you will see all the SMS backup. Step 5 - Checking if it really backup SMS to Gmail

Into you!

SMS Backup+ is a simple tool to backup your SMS, MMS and Call Logs to your gmail account. What’s good is that, it’s simple, straight forward and on top of that, it’s 100% FREE.

How this tutorial goes to you? Please let us know on the comment section below.